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Did Jim Harbaugh Back Down?

In the mega competitive world of the NFL and up in the corner offices of an NFL management team there are some huge ego’s sitting behind those desks. The owner, President, General Manager, Vice President of Football Operations and certainly not to be forgotten the head coach almost always want to be the smartest guy in the room. Some NFL teams do it better than others, some owners and management take a more hands off approach and let the “football guys” make football decisions. These types of working relationships tend to work best and produce championships and well run organizations. Are you listening Jerry Jones? Oh wait that’s another topic for another day.


English: Jim Harbaugh coaches Stanford against...

English: Jim Harbaugh coaches Stanford against TCU on October 13, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There seems to be something amiss in San Francisco recently between Jim Harbuagh and his upper management. In the last few days we’ve heard the following rumors, he was dangled to the Cleveland Browns in a trade for draft picks. He wants more power. He wants more money. He’s gone after next season and before his contract expires by one year. His players including several veterans on the team have grown tired of his macho, super aggressive act and wouldn’t mind a change at the head coach position.


That’s an awful lot of juicy gossip going around and nobody stepped up immediately to discount any of it. Normally if there’s zero truth to rumors we see and fast and strong response from someone in the organization to diffuse those rumors ASAP, not this time around. Just yesterday Jim Harbaugh stepped up to a microphone and said no folks all this is not true, I don’t want or need more power, I don’t want to be the highest paid coach in the NFL, There is zero chance in my mind I won’t be coaching the San Francisco 49ers anytime soon. Well that’s all good and nice publicly but I have to think there is fire here where I see smoke. Jim Harbaugh is not an easy guy to be around or work for for a long period of time. Just ask Pete Carroll, remember the USC/Stanford “what’s your deal man” game or Jim Schwartz getting the completely over zealous handshake game for instance.

No there’s something going on underneath the niceties around the 49er complex these days and if I were a San Francisco 49er fan I’d be getting used to the idea that Mr. Harbaugh will be looking for that next opportunity very soon. And that may not be a bad thing after all for it looks like The Seattle Seahawks and Jim’s biggest nemesis Pete Carroll having taken a step up in the NFC West division anyway. Sometimes change is good!

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2 Comments on Did Jim Harbaugh Back Down?

  1. I don’t believe Jim Harbaugh backed down. The 49er ownership should have provided more input on the Cleveland trade than a tweet from Jed York that ended up not being accurate. Instead we have to take the word of the Cleveland Browns owner (accused of tax invasion) for the “Yes we inquired.”

    None of this is bothersome in the big picture as all of us have had contentious relationships with upper management but understand that we work with this for the greater good – stock buyout, raises, promotions or in 49er management’s case – a Super Bowl championship.

    The local report about players no longer buying into the Harbaugh program was written by a woman reporter that has always had an anti Harbaugh agenda.. I must say I have not seen anything in the local media stating “His players including several veterans on the team have grown tired of his macho, super aggressive act and wouldn’t mind a change at the head coach position.” I think the players will put up with any head coach as long as he gives them an opportunity to win, increase their earning potential and possible legacy.

    Finally, the signing of Anquin Boldin and his quotes afterward shows veteran players are all in for Harbaugh despite reports to the contrary,

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