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I Want to Cabbage Patch at Madison Square Garden

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What a day for sports Sunday was. Playoff basketball, the road to lord Stanley's Cup, Lefty stomping out Brooks for a major (not that I care even in the slightest about golf), and one big ass party in New York City. Spoiler alert: the Knicks did in fact lose on Sunday, but as great as the game was, as great as Trae Young and Alec Burks were, the real star of the show was the crowd at MSG. It looked like an absolute madhouse. I said it on the podcast today, but can we as a human race, please never take fans at sporting events for granted ever again? Excited people high fiving, dancing, and spilling beer everywhere honestly rivaled the entertainment factor being put out by the 6 and a half foot freaks that were actually playing the game.


 Cream. Nothing but warm cream ruining my trousers. THAT is what is fucking about baby!!!! It honestly blows my mind that we actually watched sports for a year without anybody in these buildings, desperation breeds a beast that won't always be polite I suppose (shoutout Russ). I'm also fully aware that in this case that phrase doesn't really play but it is a rap lyric using the word desperation so it was kind of a no brainer to go to it. Point being, we were so desperate for sports we didn't give a fuck that these dudes were playing inside of morgues. 

Forget everything associated with revenue that the fans provide. Jerseys, ticket sales, hot dogs, beer, forget all of it. The amount of value purely added to the products of these sports just by people being excited to be there almost feels priceless. Should us common folk start BEING PAID to attend these games? People are starting to murmur. 

Don't get me wrong; Knicks-Hawks was a GREAT game on Sunday, probably as good as a game 1 of a first round series in the NBA could possibly get. It had everything: a storied franchise looking to reel in a new generation of fan, young stars looking to blossom on the national stage, a back and forth battle, a dagger to end it, and of course, Spike Lee wearing an absolutely gasoline Knicks themed fedora, Re2pect. 


That hat fucks. But the best part by far was the party that occurred in the crowd all night. At times it felt like people weren't even there for the game, it felt like everyone just kinda came together to hang out, have a few laughs, and dance during TV timeouts. Just looked like an all time atmosphere to be a part of. And that's the thing, I don't give a shit about the Knicks, I just want to get the chance to feel that kind of energy! Just be in a place like MSG on Sunday where everyone is so fucking pumped up to be able to freely delete beers, cheer, yell, dance, hug, high five, watch sports, and ultimately get their hearts ripped out by their favorite team. One day, I WILL join Tracy Morgan in a Cabbage Patch session at MSG, I have to. 




Looks fun. And in the spirit of fun I won't bring up how Trae Young burying the Knicks and then yelling, "it's quiet as fuck in here" is one of the coldest things I've ever seen. Won't talk about it. Let's preserve fun.

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