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Quentin Tarantino is the Best Filmmaker to Ever Live

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That title could certainly be construed as hyperbole or simply one man's opinion, but in my world it is fact. It may as well be the word of god itself, my eyes witnessing Moses (or whichever apostle or saint) engraving the ten commandments right in front of me. A truth I've known since the first time I watched a Tarantino film. As I type this I'm about 75% of the way through the new Joe Rogan Podcast with none other than the mad genius himself, Quentin Tarantino. And for that reason I literally can't get my mind to move to any other subject than how much I fucking love this guys films. Also, if you think I'm going to use any word other than "film" to refer to his films, you're out of your mind. Nothing gets me going and makes me feel more legit than referring to motion pictures as films, deal with it. 

The purpose of this blog isn't necessarily for me to convince you of how great Tarantino is, or how great his films are, or how you need to watch his films or any of that. Sure, if you enjoy film you would be out of your mind to not watch at least a few of his (Inglorious, Django, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Once Upon a Time), you'd be a soiled fool. But the real ones know. Tarantino has been around long enough, making magic on the screen that if you haven't come around to him by now, you never will. And if you can't come around to Quentin then I don't have anything to say, you and I are just never gonna get along. The purpose of this blog is essentially to suck the guys dick and tell all of you why I am so obsessed with the art this guy creates. 

First things first, my favorite part about him. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY writes dialogue like Quentin Tarantino (see Reservoir Dogs in its entirety). At this point I could insert a clip from any movie he's ever made but in the name of keeping this blog under a 2 hour read, I'll just toss in one clip for each reason I love the guy.

That scene is unreal. Easily my favorite in Pulp and one of my favorite monologues I've ever seen. The crazy thing is that I literally could've pulled a clip from any movie I've seen of his and it would play just as strongly. Genius. 

The next Tarantino signature that makes him so endearing, his ability to introduce humor to story lines and sequences that shouldn't at all be funny. His ability to be funny about things like a mission to end the German Reich, or the Manson family storming into a house with guns, or Dr. King Schultz asking Django if he's positive the guy he's about to snipe is the guy they're looking for (also unreal dialogue). It's uncanny and I've never seen anyone else do it the way he does, it's mind boggling. 


Thirdly: music. He's simply the best at it. Django, Inglorious, Reservoir, Jackie Brown I don't think I've ever seen a film of his where I didn't become obsessed with a song out of it, afterwards. I'll save the clip here but shoutout Ennio Morricone.

Fourthly: violence. Quentin doesn't give a fuck and I love him for it. 


Lastly: his ability to introduce culture cues to the plot and advance the story in such brilliant ways that unless you understand the reference it is seemingly a useless addition to the story. Not only that, but his ability to create tension, specifically in Inglorious, is like nothing I've ever seen. The guy literally makes me want to make a movie myself and I don't know shit about movies. I simply want to make a movie, just so I can make a movie like a Tarantino. It's the weirdest thing ever. If I never stumbled across a Tarantino film I would never, ever have the urge. But because of what he did, every so often, and more so when I start thinking about him and his work, I catch myself thinking about trying to write a movie on my own. It's fucking nuts how influential the guy is and has been. The fact that his 10th film is going to be his final is borderline criminal but when you're the goat, you can do what you want. And in my mind there will never be a doubt who the greatest to ever do it is. As a parting gift please enjoy my favorite scene in cinematic history. 

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