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Michigan State Just Got Their Asses Beat By Northwestern

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One of those days I guess, or at least I hope. MSU looked like soft baby shit after a week of shoveling baby food into the things mouth. Absolutely inexcusable, pathetic, and did I already say soft? It was the definition of a turd the boys laid tonight and well, I'm glad it's over. Credit to NU, that Bouie kid is good and it definitely helps when Aaron Henry decides to be 3 steps behind him all night, and everyone else, well, it felt like they didn't miss a 3 (which feels like always fucking happens against State). Combine that with the fact that Henry, Rocket, and Hauser were all dog piss tonight and it becomes very easy to see how we got to where we ended. Not to mention, CAN SOMEONE ON THIS GOD DAMNED TEAM MAKE  A SHOT?!? For christ sakes. How does a team with Rocket, Foster, Gabe, Hauser, Langford, Hall etc. go 6/24 or whatever it was from three. AND At least 18 of those were wide fucking open, I don't get it. Again, I guess it was just one of those nights, in a nut shell they hit everything, we didn't make anything. Is what it is. 

What I can and will be mad about is how fucking bad the defense was for probably 33-35 minutes tonight. Constantly trailing their best three point shooters, which I'll never understand, letting guys like Bouie go right past our best defenders, I'm looking at you Henry and Rock, for easy layups and kick outs, and to top it all off a plethora of stupid ass fouls. I really just don't understand how this team went from looking like we'd give LeBron James and the Lakers a hard time in the first few games to being absolutely ripped by fucking Northwestern. I know I know, I've seen the tweets, NoRtWeStErN iS gOoD tHiS yEaR. Dude, I don't fucking care, they're Northwestern. Michigan State beats Northwestern, that's the way it is, that's the way it should be. Michigan State beats Northwestern. 

Izzo and the rotations are another topic for the podcast but hey Tom, when we're down double digits in the last 10 minutes of the game, GET THOMAS KITHIER OFF THE FUCKING FLOOR. We don't need a guy who brings nothing to the table offensively and next to nothing defensively when we're trying to rally from being down 16. I don't know how that isn't abundantly clear, especially when Julius Marble has been playing his dick off all year. Makes no sense. 

With that all being said, it's still early, the B1G will be a dog fight this year, and this team still has all the potential and ability to win the B1G and more. Just poorly played losses to teams like Northwestern are always gonna get the blood flowing. Everyone needs to be better. Rocket, Henry, Hauser, Izzo, and myself included. I need to cheer five thousand times harder. Hopefully we don't have too many more of these "we don't make shit and they hit everything" type games because god damn it do I hate them. I get that MSU is everyone's Superbowl year in and year out but that's how it's been my entire life, fucking be ready for it. 

Alright, rant over, positive vibes time. I thought Gabe played well, I thought Foster played well, and I thought Malik was okay. Also, last time a top 5 MSU team lost to NU they went on to win the natty sooooo yeah, I feel pretty fucking good about this year. Have a good week of practice and it is bounce back szn against Wisco. I need to see this team come out with their hair on fire, taking no prisoners, just stomping on every Badgers throat in sight. I NEED IT. Podcast coming out either tomorrow or Tuesday, until then, Go Green.

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