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The Bad Boys are Back in Detroit, But Now They Play Hockey

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The days of pushing around the Detroit Red Wings are over. I had a blog, podcast, TikTok you name it, last week talking about how this season is the start of the renaissance for the Red Wings. Well, the boys must be big fans of the brand because they fulfilled my prophecy. Both games they've played against Tampa and then Saturday against Vancouver have been WWE Hell in a Cell cage matches. If you come to Detroit and don't have any interest in getting cracked in the face at least once, you might wanna tell coach you got the stomach flu that night, because the Wings of 2021-22 have made it very clear, they WILL fuck you up. And they're gonna laugh at you, and embarrass you in front of your friends while they do it. 

Something about Bertuzzi calling this guy "a fucking loser" and then cracking up at his entire existence with his buddy Fabbri is so fucking perfect. I love this edge. Fuck Vancouver, fuck Tampa, and fuck anyone else who wants it. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Everybody in the NHL must have loved coming to Detroit the last few years. Dog shit team, they let you kick their ass on the scoreboard AND physically. Perfect place to come blow off some steam if things aren't great at home, or maybe you're seeing less ice time, just come to Detroit and run their captain into the boards and you'll leave feeling like a new man. Well, those days are over. Sure we may still lose some games, but you won't fuck with the Wings. If you do, you're gonna scrum, you're gonna catch Larkin's right hand in your mouth, you're gonna get Bertuzzi clowning your sorry ass for everyone to see. I love this attitude they've developed. Sure you aren't gonna win every game, but you can choose to never be disrespected. Never be pushed around, never let anyone cup check your rookie defenseman and get away with it. I fucking love it, and it's something that Detroit hasn't seen in ages. 

 You wanna touch Seider? Cool, eat Bert's left hand. 

 Run Larkin into the boards? You get a right hook that would have Mike Tyson hitting the mat. I can't get enough of it, it's the perfect first step to the restoration of the Red Wings. First, nobody is going to fuck with us. Then, nobody is going to beat us. Fire me up. Plus I love how Larking is the one that is spearheading this. Right from the jump and that hit against Tampa you could tell he was seeing red after a 2 second internal dialogue in which he realized, "I don't give a fuck anymore, this shit is over with" and bang, here we are. I love chippy hockey and more than that I love chippy Red Wings hockey. This team is two games in and is changing the culture, EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. Vancouver, Tampa, suck my balls. 






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