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The Game of the Century Will Be Played in East Lansing This Weekend

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Not only will Saturday's matchup between State & UM be the biggest game we've seen all season, you could make the case it will be the biggest game anybody currently living has seen, in any sport. And that isn't hyperbole, that's a fact (also known as my opinion). Michigan sitting at 6 and the Dawgs at 8, it's the first top 10 matchup since 1964, which seems fucking impossible considering the last like 15 years of these programs, but I guess Michigan hasn't been great until more recently with Harbaugh. I'm sorry Michigan fans, I love you guys (the normal people), but if you think I'm not gonna talk some shit this week you're nuts. Especially considering the fact that MSU has owned the series for my entire life, and even more so the years of my life I actually remember (after 2008ish). More shit talk, told you so, the perils of rivalry week spare no man. 

Wanting to see Michigan fail in every facet of being a school aside, I actually love that both of these teams are really playing for something, they each have their entire season ahead of them and have nothing but the highest of aspirations. Don't get me wrong, the UM-MSU game is fucking awesome every year, undefeated matchup or not. But them both joining OSU at the top of the conference, and country is what dreams are made of. This is why we love sports, this is why we love college football, and this is why we love Michigan and Michigan State. One of the best parts of every year. Sure losing sucks and winning fucking rules, but nothing can replace or ruin the anticipation and excitement leading up to the game each year. 

Not to mention I don't think anybody, from either side would've told you their team was undefeated up to this point. Certainly not MSU fans, and neither most UM although some will try to tell you they knew, they didn't. Such is the life of delusion and the U of M. Sorry normal fans, I don't have a choice but to sprinkle in a few shots. Also, just spent my weekend in Austin, TX surrounded by Longhorn people and I don't think I've ever felt closer to Sigmund Freud; I know delusion when I see it. Even though the hype is cool, and being undefeated & proving people wrong always plays, I think my favorite part about this matchup is that both teams, I personally believe, are actually good and it should be an absolute dogfight. Something you would imagine Dawgs would bode well in, fortuitous for the Spartans. Strong run games, strong offensive line play, both very good defenses, and both at the mercy of average to above average quarterback play. Really is quite Shakespearean when you think about it. I really do think this matchup is a 50/50 toss up. We've had years where State has the better team on paper, and years where the opposite is true. This year they're as evenly matched as it gets and I love this new twist on the rivalry. No clear favorite, although the line is UM -4.5, and both teams with everything to lose. Also, MSU ML is #freemoney. It' something people that are 24 and younger have never seen and I can't wait. Tune into The Detroiter this week for more my friends and buckle up, long week ahead. 




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