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What REALLY Happened at Michigan State - Michigan

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A lot is being made over the football game played in East Lansing, Michigan this weekend. Depending who you ask some might tell you that Michigan State made plays when it matters and had the best running back in the nation power them for 60 minutes. Others would say that referees had an agenda and were not interested in seeing the Wolverines victorious this Saturday. They also might tell you that Jim Harbaugh and Michigan have the better team anyway. Yes, that is Jim Harbaugh. They would actually tell you that he is still the superior coach and they are the superior program, that's real. Strange world we live in, isn't it? Well, I've decided to get to the bottom of what REALLY happened in EL. Should the Wolverines have won? Did Michigan get gypped? And the keystone question: were the referees on the take?...

Please, allow me to set the scene.

As afternoon turned to evening this Devil's night, MSU sealed the deal on their 10th win in 14 years by a final of 37-33. The Spartans overcome a 16 point, second half deficit (wowzers!), led by Heisman hopeful Kenneth Walker III. A game that at first saw the Wolverines in control was suddenly marred by careless errors, spectacular plays, and a game plan that seemed... flimsy. By the time the clock struck zeroes, the superstar running back by way of Wake Forest had asserted his will. The defense had followed suit only allowing ten (10) second half points and make CRUCIAL plays when they needed them. And if that wasn't enough, a few questionable decisions from Jim Harbaugh were there to catch the Spartans if they fell. In the end, Michigan State prevailed 37-33 and Paul went to bed wearing green & white pajamas for the second straight year. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene!

So what actually happened? Surely the head official had a hefty wager in the team in green? How did the referees force JJ McCarthy into the game moments before his fulcrum of a fumble?! Did Mike Pereira & co. set out on a covert operation to destroy the documents containing all things related to stopping Kenneth Walker and the MSU run game? THEY MUST HAVE. In no world could Michigan possibly lose a football game by their own wrong doing. They are Michigan, they don't make mistakes. And Harbaugh is a Michigan man, so once again, Wolverines DON'T MAKE MISTAKES. No proof could be stronger than that. They shouldn't have had to been responsible for stopping Kenneth Walker anyway. He was at Wake Forest, he shouldn't even be there. Besides, if the Spartans didn't have the privilege of number 9 being in their backfield, they wouldn't have had a chance. Anybody could have seen that.

Michigan's red zone trips being stifled and evaporating into field goals always works, it is not their fault that it didn't work this time. Those (4? was it?) drives that MSU put up a wall across the goal line, they shouldn't have been able to do that. Michigan should have just been able to score, some how some way the fact they weren't able to score touchdowns HAD to have involved foul play. It's not like kicking field goals instead of scoring touchdowns is a fatal flaw. It's not like teams that feature that flaw commiserate in sadness throughout all levels of football. Not like we don't see games lost on a weekly basis FOR THAT EXACT REASON or anything. Collusion. 

The fumble by JJ and the missed throws (for as well as he played) including the interception from Cade simply were not his fault. The referees must have been tampering with wind inside the stadium. They figured out a way to manipulate the ball's flight path in the air. And you know what? It's not crazy to think they had something to do with McNamara's decision making either. Agencies like the CIA have technology that can do all kinds of things, including things that could affect another human being's decision making. It's not out of the question to think the referees could have made a deal with an organization like that. Do you think the refs may have blackmailed Harbaugh into forcing his offense to stall and taking all of those field goals? 

If you ask me, the referees figured out a way to influence that ELITE Michigan defense into giving up 197 yards and FIVE (5), yes that is the number FIVE (5), touchdowns to a guy the Wolverines must have had all of their attention on. The entire Michigan game plan was surely centered on stopping K9. He was, is, and will continue to be the engine that powers the Spartan football team.  Michigan would never be unprepared, they would never get it wrong. How could anyone possibly go into that football game without an answer for Kenneth Walker III. Harbaugh would never. The refs HAD to have figured out a way. 

A mass blackmail? How did they do it? All we know for sure, is this Saturday October 30, 2021... the referees beat the University of Michigan.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA imagine that being your take on Saturday?!?! Imagine that being your reasoning for your team losing. Biggest loser mentality on earth. I love Mel Tucker, I love this team, and my goodness do I love mocking Michigan fans. 

Go Green.


P.S. To all the normal Michigan fans: all in jest, part of the rivalry is having fun after. To the deluded: that is actually what it sounds like.


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