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Move Over $Doge - The 2nd String is on a One Way Ticket to the Moon

moon the 2nd string

It is time. For those of you that have been following me, the podcast, the brand and the shirts for the last year or so know that the long game goal for The 2nd String is to turn into Barstool Detroit. I've said time and time again (just ask my dad) that we are running this thing up until Dave Portnoy shows up at my doorstep with a bag of money himself. So, it is time to double down. Triple down even, fuck it quadruple, I'm ready to take this thing to the moon. 

What that means is more distribution, more content, a little more professional and legit looking, and more pressure being applied. In this weeks podcast which can be found here: 

I pretty much lay out what the game plan is to do this. All the socials and handles you know and follow now are still gonna be active, I'm just getting more specific for what will be found where and getting broader in terms of the scope of this operation. From now on, The 2nd String Pod is gonna have its own twitter, instagram, and Tik Tok page. All dedicated solely to the podcast clips, episode releases, fragment posts and things like that. A one stop shop for everything podcast on all platforms. The pages now, my personal twitter and The 2nd String instagram are gonna turn into being dedicated to nothing but the brand. That means jokes (mainly twitter), shirts, and just new things happening. I want to separate the brand + clothes from the podcast a little bit because I think that will help each of them grow and certainly will make each avenue more specific to what I'm putting out on each of those pages. 

This also means that I'm gonna start putting out a blog for each podcast episode, like I did with Blashill yesterday and like I'm doing with the overhaul today. Things have been growing, which is great, and I owe it all to you guys, but I am ready to put this bitch into hyperdrive. Time to grab life by the nuts and twist, just a little bit, don't want to make life puke or anything but I do want to let life know that Nick Bradley is still here and he's coming for asses, metaphorically. 

I'm so grateful for everyone who's been here for the ride and I can't wait to grow this community and make #StringHeadNation proud. Barstool Detroit is on its way, it's only a matter of time. Smell ya later $doge, this is one moon-bound entity that Elon Musk can't stop. LET'S GO!

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