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We Have Discovered the Worst Human Being on Earth

frontier worst human being

If you haven't seen this video by now, I don't know what to tell you. This ass clown on a Frontier airlines flight absolutely lost his mind after trying to grab the breasts of two flight attendants and then taking a swing at a third. Please watch the video, it is fucking preposterous and will give you some nice perspective on life and relationships you may be struggling with. Whoever you may have beef with right now, or could be arguing with, at least they aren't this guy; no matter how mad you may be, things could be worse.

This guy has to be the worst person alive. That is the most cringe video that's ever hit the internet airwaves. He literally commits all of the three deadly sins of being a douchebag: 1) sexually harasses two girls who almost certainly didn't even notice this kid existed, but in the kids mind he's convinced he's all they notice (we all know this guy) 2) tries to punch someone without warning 3) immediately tries to justify being an enormous douchebag by telling everyone his parents net worth, which is also probably a lie

A perfect 3/3 on "how to make everyone hate you" from this kid, actually kind of impressive. Now, there is much to shit on this dude for in every aspect of the video and what he does or says, but what always blows my mind with videos like this is the fact that anyone ever thinks the "my parents are rich" card will play. Flaunting any of your parent's accomplishments to get you out of assault is almost always a certain way to make sure you are in fact convicted of assault. Like if everyone on that plane didn't hate you already for sexually and physically assaulting the crew, they FOR SURE hate you now that you think your parents being worth $2 million means anything to them. People lack of self awareness will never fail to amaze me.

I've always been against the death penalty (hear me out) and especially after watching/reading stories like Just Mercy. But I gotta say when I see stuff like this it's kinda like... maybe it's not such a bad idea? We don't need future generations of this dude running around shouting about how many feet their parents' yachts are. But then when I see the compassion and creativity of humanity to do something like duct tape him to his chair... I realize the death penalty is not the answer after all. I cannot think of a better punishment for this loser than the crew of the plane he was just shitting on practicing some vigilante justice and making this kid realize just how powerless he actually is. Despite his parents' $2 million. It's perfect. God this kid sucks. 

Apparently the crew is being investigated since duct taping unruly passengers isn't in Frontier's policy, shockingly enough, but hopefully whoever is in charge of reinstating them has a brain, and has a laugh at the situation. Wouldn't have blamed the crew if they hit the bathroom and collected all the soap into a sock and played a little baseball with the kid. Definitely could've been worst for Mr. 2 million aka the worst human being alive. 

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