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10 Days Until MSU Football, Enjoy Some Pomp & Circumstance

10 days college football pomp and circumstance

It's no secret that I love college football, and it's even less of a secret as to why. Yes I love watching the beautiful game, absolutely there's something charming about 20 year olds running full speed at each other and jamming their heads into each other, I love seeing a good juke or spin followed by a jockstrap being left at the 50 yard line, but beyond all else, I FUCKING LOVE the pomp and circumstance of college football. There truly is nothing quite like it, at least not in America. If you prefer the level of football in the NFL, I hear you, and I agree. If you're more of a fan of sitting there for 4 hours eating peanuts and watching baseball, so be it. If you like getting on the boards and watching dudes fight mid game, I too, love hockey. But nothing sets the stage for a big game like college football. No broadcast, no event feels quite like the smooth tones of Kirk Herbstreit and Brett Musburger coming over the airwaves on a chilled October Saturday. It's not just a game, it feels like a cultural milestone each and every big game Saturday. Sure the noon game against Youngstown State won't quite do the trick, but a Friday night in Evanston, Illinois? Yea you betcha, rocks will be getting off. College stadiums are unlike any other venues in America, jamming 100 thousands hungover kids into a stadium, having them all where the same color and dishing out pom poms for the 3 minutes of Seven Nation Army that night. Yea, I am referring to the Big House but the glorious pomp of this game knows no fandom, it knows no bounds. In the spirit of incredible preamble to college football games, and in honor of being a meager 10 days away, please allow me to fire you up.

 Had no choice but to start it off with my favorite MSU atmosphere ever. Didn't actually go to the game but I will never forget the vibes in EL this night. 

 Long one there, just watch MSU take the field. Stoic Dantonio is so fucking cool to watch. Also the unis. Also that game. Also LJ Scott with my favorite MSU football play ever. Legendary.

 Worth the trip to Youtube

 And finally, the best entrance in the game, in my humble opinion.



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