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The Mysterious Case of Casey Mize's Splitter

casey mize mize splitter

What has happened to Casey Mize's splitter? Not as in, why is it bad, as in, where the FUCK did it go?! Hand up, I will be the first to say I'm not on pace to watch all 162 this year. I haven't been there for every pitch of every start for our golden boy, but I like to think I've watched a fair amount. Since that win streak in early July I've certainly tapered off a bit more, but leading up to then I'd say I was good for like 2-3 games a week. Pretty fucking loyal if you ask me. 

The Tigers are playing right now, and I know Mize isn't pitching but I just had this conversation yesterday and I've had it internally like 10 different times this year, mainly when Casey IS in fact, on the mound. Where the fuck did the splitter go? A pitch that would make the likes of Zeus himself tremble at the thought of it. A pitch so devastating that Thanos would crumble like sand through the fingers of time. A pitch so unhittable that even prime Barry Bonds wouldn't consider stepping into the batter's box at the thought of seeing it. Gone with the wind. I can't even tell you the last time I saw it. Instead he's replaced it with a slider that seems to serve no purpose other than 1) replacing the splitter and 2) getting smacked around the ballpark. Like I said, haven't watched every pitch of every Mize start but when I have watched the ONLY things I have really noticed are the fact that the splitter is non existent and the fact that when Mize gives up damage, it seems to always be off the slider......... which only exists to fill in for the splitter. Disgusting. 

Look at this thing

 I came

 Unhittable. Also the only recent clip I could find. Sad

 Kiss his feet, peasants

 TA7? Take A Seat 7. I could go on and on (with clips from 2020). It makes no sense as to what happened to it. Not sure if it induces injury, not sure if he just magically can't throw it anymore? Not sure if he made a deal with the devil saying if he made the bigs he'd stop throwing the pitch since it's so unfair. No clue what happened and it fucking sucks. It's not right that a natural wonder like that is sheltered from the world. It's like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson taking that slab of meat he calls a body and using it to be an accountant. Johnny Sins keeping his god giving talents to himself and refusing to make the tasteful art we all so enjoy. Like Seal refusing to publish Kiss From a Rose... just talents so great they should have no choice but to share them with the world, the Casey Mize splitter fits right in there, I can only hope we see it again in 2022. 




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