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Emoni Bates (as of right now) Is a Spartan Dawg

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I have to start this off with a disclaimer, I am going to say some not so positive things, for MSU fans, but make no mistake this is a good thing. Emoni Bates saying he wants to play college basketball at Michigan State is a good thing, no matter how many sore losers say "he's never gonna play a game there" or "can't wait until the NBA changes the rule" this is a good thing. 

To all of those braindeads I say this: If Emoni goes to college it is a 100% guarantee it will be at MSU. And if he reclassifies to 2021 it is a 100% guarantee he goes to college, so I wouldn't bank on him pulling a Josh Christopher on us too much right now (looking at you sore loser Michigan fans).

Now that the happy part is over here comes the realistic part. MSU fans, if you are prone to getting angry when you hear bad news then its time to apply ear muffs, or eye muffs in this case. I only think theres about a 40% chance he comes to state. He very well may, but I refuse to believe it until he posters Juwan Howard and I see it with my own eyes. MSU is the king of getting blue balled by extremely high recruits so excuse me if I take the cautious approach on the greatest recruit people have seen since LeBron. 

Essentially what I am trying to say is, hold your horses, don't let the dog off the leash, dont blow your load too quickly. Emoni being a Spartan is far from reality still.

That being said, EMONI BATES IS A MICHIGAN STATE SPARTAN FUCKING DAWWGGGG! I can't even imagine how salty all these other schools that didn't even give him a 5 minute call are. AND can you imagine being a school that's a couple miles down the road and STILL not calling him!! How god damn embarrassing is that, Izzo and MSU would never. Such a shame that a school did that, I can't imagine how little sleep their coach that was probably a member of the Fab Five at some point in his career has gotten this last week. Anyway, Go Green, and watch out for my pod tomorrow where I dive in a bit more. 

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