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Izzo's Still Piping 101 on the Black Baby!!

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You know that expression, "when the stars align"? Or, "the perfect storm"? Or how about that new one that goes, "lets put a bunch of fucking studs under the wing of a hall of fame coach at a (borderline) blue blood program so he can win his 2nd natty"? I think that last one is my favorite, and let me tell you folks, all three of these stupid phrases are coming true right before our spartan eyes, and I couldn't possibly have more false hope for a national championship in 2022 than I do right now. 

If you're reading this it's because Max Christie, the #1 SG and #13 overall player in 2021, has just decided to become a Spartan Dawg. That means Tom "Im gonna scream in your fucking face if you don't play defense" Izzo still has his fastball, and weeeeewwwwww that thing is still hot! For the brain deads out there, that means we now have Pierre Brooks (#65 nationally I think), Christie, and some dude named Emoni Bates, ever heard of him? There is one more piece to the puzzle, #71 overall PG Jaden Akins, who is supposed to be a massive state lean, and this has to be Izzo's greatest class ever. 

Imagine that? Rocket Watts running the 1, Hoggard or baby Gary Harris (Christie) at the 2, Emoni at the 3, Hauser at the 4, and Sissoko at the 5...…… Yea, I just changed my shorts too. That's the most unfair thing I've ever heard. AND Tom Izzo is the coach, AND they play their home games in front of one of the best crowds in the nation?????? KING US, 2022 NATIONAL CHAMPS YOUR MICHIGAN STATE SPARTAN DAWGS. It is decided. 

Now that I said it, it's gonna be a sad day when a new plague comes around and cancels the 2022 tournament. I still haven't gotten over my baby boy Cassius getting robbed of a chip this year, never will. Go Green.

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