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Free Money w/ Nick Bradley

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So, obviously, no picks podcast this week but I couldn't let my loyal betting followers go a week without free money. Since writing is harder than talking I'm just gonna give you my favorite 3 bets this week and if you've been following along I fucking killed it last week so you should have little to no hesitation taking all of these picks. My life goal is to make everyone rich and to do that all you need is a bookie and to read this article, pretty simple. Let's go.

Bengals (+6) vs. Titans

I fucking love the Bengals and there are a few reasons why. For starters Joe Burrow should just rebrand himself as Joe Backdoor because this guy refuses to not cover, simply refuses it. Week in and week out the Bengals get the piss beat out of them, and Joe Burrow alike, but despite that he understands what the backdoor cover means to people everywhere, he understands the quickest way to endear him to a nation. The guy just covers all the time it's pretty simple, Bengals lose, Joey Backdoor covers. Also, I've been pretty vocal about not really being sold on the Titans all year. Sure they're 5-1 and King Henry is a monster but as long as Ryan Tannehill is on the ones and twos I will never buy in to them being elite. Titans come into this game thinking it'll be a cakewalk against a pinata of a team but not on Backdoor's watch. Titans win, Bengals lead a last second drive to cover, book it. 

Lions (+3) vs. Colts

Sure I'm a homer, sure I ride or die with the Lions, sure Phillip Rivers has a popsicle stick for a right arm, listen, none of that shit matters. The Lions win this game. We are hitting our stride, I told you we'd cover and win last week and we did. I told you we'd cover the week before against the Jags and we did. Lions are building something this season and Matt Stafford will not allow this team to lose a game this crucial. The defense has started to show signs of life and adjustment and like I said, I don't think there's a QB alive at any level that scares me less than Phil Rivers, I don't care how many kids he has. Lions move to 4-3 and they sure as hell cover +3, sprinkle some on that money line too. 

Steelers (+3.5) at Ravens - Lock of the week

This is the one line this week that I simply don't understand. I get that the Ravens are home, and I'm not sure if they'll have fans in Maryland, I assume not, but either way it doesn't matter. I can't say that there's been a more dominant team in the NFL this year than the Pittsburgh Steelers. I hated on Big Ben earlier in the year but time and time again they put up points, this defense is fucking ferocious and looked like they didn't miss a beat without Devin Bush last week, and they're off to one of the best starts in franchise history. On the flip side the Ravens are the absolute kings of beating bad teams and laying eggs against the good ones. As great as Lamar is and their offense is, as soon as they fall behind in a game you may as well mail it in because they can't throw the ball for shit. They're like an NFL version of Georgia Tech on steroids. Going against maybe the best defense in the league, with the way Ben has played I would be surprised if they don't face some adversity and fall behind in this game, and when that time comes I don't expect them to come back. Honestly, I think this line should be Steelers -1.5 or at worst a pick em. Giving Pitt 3.5 is borderline irresponsible by Vegas if they plan on feeding their children this weekend. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Steelers and the points and I love the money line too. I think the Steelers win this game by 10. IT IS FREE MONEY FOLKS. Let's get rich.


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