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AJ Hinch Might Return to Where it All Started and I Love It

AJ Hinch Baseball Detroit Tigers

Word on the street is that the Tigers are working on closing a deal with former World Series Champion manager, AJ Hinch. I fucking love it. Let's face it, pretty much anybody with a pulse would be an upgrade over Gardy, although he seems like a great guy to put down a few Busch Lattes with, but getting a dude who won the World Series only a few short years ago too?!?! Say less. The other kind of lame thing about this is that we could have a broomstick managing this team for the next 2-3 years and it wouldn't REALLY matter, but at the same time, why have a bad manager when you can have a good one. The one thing I really hope the Tigers are doing/expecting is AJ Hinch to come in and turn this unfertilized egg of a roster into a playoff contender or something, make no mistake, AJ Hinch, Tony La Russa, God himself it doesn't matter, we are going to be BAD still for the next few years. Like, really fucking bad. If we are gonna go with AJ I want Detroit to commit to him for at least the next 3-4-5 years barring any scandals. One of my buddies that lives across the street from Comerica told me that the last week he's just seen nothing but pickup trucks full of empty trash cans driving away from Comerica so we should be good there so as long as AJ doesn't start flushing the clubhouse urinal to signal an uncle charlie we should be good. But honestly who fucking cares about AJ and the Astros scandal? He's gonna be in a new place, totally different players, plus Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran are supposedly the guys that started that anyway and they won't be here, and abova all that the Tigers fucking suck so who cares. It's a fresh start for AJ and even if he does start banging trash cans again as long as we win games, I'm not gonna complain. Let's just make sure AJ is still here and able to actually contribute when the likes of Tork, Riley Greene, all the arms are up in the bigs and we actually have a roster that can compete with the Twins, and White Sox of the world. All that being said, it feels good to see the Tigers do something right and get a premier coach in the sport, also Al Avila is on a hot streak of not fucking things up, first taking Tork and now hiring Hinch?? My guy looks like Kobe (RIP) dropping 81 right now, good for him. 

I don't want to say this just for the sake of jinxing things, but look around these rebuilding Detroit teams, is it just me or have they all made some good hirings and good moves recently? Tigers drafting Tork and now getting Hinch, Pistons getting Weaver, we will see what the draft entails, and then the Red Wings obviously with King Stevie and making the absolute correct move by getting Lucas Raymond. I know things still suck right now but it's starting to feel like a couple years from now things could be looking up here and that is a very refreshing feeling. 

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