I Love Andy Dalton

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I know I'm a day or two late to this, but I have to say, I fucking LOVE Andy Dalton. You're damn right Andy! Right now is your time. And who's to say right now just has to be the first few weeks of this season? If you ask me, right now is the next 4 years of Chicago Bears football. As a life long Detroit Lions fan, I can't help but bathe in the idea that Andy Dalton will do everything in his power to keep Justin Fields off the field. Need more guys to play for all of Detroit's rivals that are hell bent on keeping first round picks off the field, that's what I'm fucking talking about. Not even being biased though, I just love seeing guys fight for what they believe in, especially when that belief is within themselves. If it means keeping a potential franchise changing player off the field for the duration of his rookie contract, then so be it. 

And our boy Andy makes a good point. As far as I know Justin Fields hasn't led his team to the playoffs 5 times. As far as I know Justin Fields didn't create AJ Green. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Justin Fields has ever led Texas Christian University to some of their most successful seasons in program history. Who's to say that just this year is your time Andy?! Fuck that noise brother, let's make sure Justin Fields is making his NFL debut at the ripe age of oh I don't know, call it 29? Chicago is your city Andy, and don't ever let anybody tell you different! 

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