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I Love College Football

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I AM HOOOOORRRRRNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. We are finally hitting that time of year where summer time and baseball fade off into the cold distance and the beautiful game of a football comes charging at us like a 3 years removed former frat boy juiced up on red bull vodkas. It is a beautiful thing. I am a big "be in the moment guy" and I'm an even bigger summer guy. Living in Michigan we gotta do everything we can to soak in the nice weather while we have it, but this is the one time of year where I constantly find myself wishing time away, it's a shame but it's an impulse I simply can't control. Especially when I log onto twitter and I see a stable of former four star transfers in the green & white and CERTAINLY when I got Mel Tucker looking like he'd put the Terminator in a headlock. If for nothing else I will always love Mel for how much he puts me in the mood for football. I don't know if it's because I am so all in on what he's building, I don't know if it's because the way he talks about competing and being relentless and building a brand of physical football (sex), and it even could just be his sweet ass straw hat. Whatever it is, it's working.

 That hat fucks. I want one but at the same time I hope MSU never sells one of those things to anyone that isn't named Mel Tucker. Something iconic he's got going there and I love it, Saban can take his hat and shove it. What's crazy is these guys haven't even sniffed putting the pads on. Just watching guys fly around the turf and run drills that may or may not make sense to me on what they're working on just gets me going. Not to mention the football sounds, whistles blowing, coaches yelling, dudes firing off a few "lets goooooo"s or "yeaaahhhhhhh" just makes me want to strap em up. Never been more fond of a memory of winning 3 games over the course of 2 years at the football powerhouse known as Troy High School. I'm horned up, folks. I love the pomp, I love the cirumstance, I love Mel Tucker, and I love Michigan State football. I can't wait. In the meantime enjoy some of these videos that I hope give you a little lust of your own. 



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