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I Would Like to be the Next AD at Michigan State

AD michigan state


 I'm in. MSU you don't need to beg, you hardly even need to ask. Mel Tucker, Tom Izzo, Nick Bradley. Has a nice ring to it and that ring strangely enough sounds like multiple national championships in each sport, could be a coincidence, could be fate. Either way seems like a no brainer. 


 My resume is short and sweet. Some may look at that and say I'm inexperienced, but I say I am a guy who knows what he wants. A guy who refuses to waste his time racing rats and pushing paper and would much rather spend it building an empire that would rival the likes of Julius Caeser's Rome. Sure I may not be too fired up for a Tuesday morning meeting to run through an excel sheet about things I don't care about, but I'd be beyond fired up for a Tuesday morning meeting to run through how we ensure the 2023 recruiting class finishes top 15 in the country. I'm about that action, boss. Matter of fact, I'm blaring the MSU fight song in my living room as I type this, won't find too many people laying it on the line like that. 

I've long wondered how people find themselves becoming AD's of massive sports universities. Usually it has to do with some for of nepotism, or being corporate executives, or other things that have absolutely nothing to do with leading a successful sports organization. Often these people don't care about sports, have no idea how to go about achieving sports greatness, or are just flat out morons. I've found the third to be especially true. A long standing take of mine is that 99% of people like commissioners and AD's (typically business people turned sports executive) are idiots. Pretty much every commissioner ever, minus maybe Adam Silver has proved to be a moron in one way or another and AD's struggle to be any better. Our dearly beloved Bill Beekman certainly got his fair share of being ripped on during the coaching search a year and a half ago and it was probably fair. 

I can assure the great people of Michigan State, I am not an idiot. Sure I'm 24 but Sir Isaac Newton was only 22 when he discovered gravity. I get a couple years on him and who knows what could happen. Next thing you know we got guys like Nick Saban and Ryan Day begging to come be a part of what we've built at MSU. 

Odds are I won't get the job, never say never though, but I figured it couldn't hurt to toss my hat in the ring. I just hope MSU replaces Beekman with a can-do badass type person. Someone who knows what they're about and has a vision for greatness, because greatness is what belongs in East Lansing. In the meantime I plan to continue binge watching these videos out of fall camp and becoming more aroused by them each day. Can certainly expect a little fall camp, football is back tingle blog from me sometime this week. Until then, don't rule me out just because of age Michigan State!

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