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I'm Happy and Sad I've Never Seen "Chappelle's Show"

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For those of you that know me, this title couldn't make less sense. Why would I ever be happy that I haven't seen a project created by the legendary Dave Chapelle? That's like a Catholic priest saying he's happy his church canceled the altar boy program, simply not true. Being the fan of comedy that I am, and in particular the fan and almost obsession I have with someone's ability to be so good at stand up, Dave Chappelle is the apex of it all. So again, WHY would I ever be happy to miss out on any of his work? I mean, he could tell an off the cuff joke to his drive thru attendant at McDonald's and I'd want to know about it, so how could I possibly be happy about this. 

Well, this is why:

Apparently the network Viacom (insert McGregor who the fuck is that guy gif) Dave made the show through never actually paid Dave for his work, which seems fucking insane considering how wildly famous the words "Chappelle's Show" actually are. Prime example, I've never seen the full show and yet I am fully aware of the fact that it is the holy grail of sketch comedy, and potentially comedy as a whole. Now, I know what you're probably thinking: "how in the world did Dave sign a contract saying he wouldn't get paid?" As much as I love Chappelle, that feels like a biggy, and very reasonable question. How exactly did Dave sign a contract saying they don't have to pay him? I'm not sure if Dave had lawyers, or an agent, or eyeballs, or the ability to read at this point but that definitely seems like something that shouldn't have been overlooked. But hey, we don't look up to Chappelle for his business savvy, we look up to him for his artistic genius! So, naturally, he gets a pass. 

Sure I've still seen some of the iconic sketches like: the race draft, Clayton Bigsby, Tyrone, Rick James etc. but for someone that loves comedy and admires Chappelle as much as I do it just doesn't feel right that I've never actually seen his entire show, all the way through. It's like saying hockey is my favorite thing in the world but then never going ice skating, makes me feel like a fraud. So that's what makes me sad about it.

But, you ask why am I so happy to have never seen it? Why? Because fuck em, that's why. Seriously fuck those Viacom losers. How are you about to produce the greatest sketch comedy show of all time and not give the brains behind it, the main performer, THE GUY THAT THE SHOW IS NAMED AFTER, a cut???? That's just slimy, greaseball, bad fucking business. That's Fredo taking sides against the family. It's bullshit and has no place in anything creative. So you know what, I am HAPPY I've never seen it because fuck those guys, I'm glad I never put a dollar in their pockets. And you know what, good for Chappelle coming out and speaking against them, I'd imagine not too many people will be knocking on Viacom's door (if they still exist) with their next great idea after that horror story. 

So yea, sad, and happy. Dave is the man. Viacom sucks. Long live Chappelle.

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