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When Is The Last Time Sports In Detroit Were This Good?

Detroit sports

So I just finished typing the headline to this blog, and I already can tell how ridiculous it sounds. There's no possible way we can call Detroit sports good right now, right? Or, is that just an indication of how actually pathetic it's been for the last 5+ years. Let that sink in. Our baseball team is getting the 3rd pick and didn't beat a soul this year, hockey team followed suit, our basketball team had a mid lottery pick for the hundredth straight year, and our football team fucking sucks in a year people thought they might be different. And through all that, I literally am asking the question of when Detroit sports have been good this before, that is how fucking pathetic the franchises in this city are. 

Don't get me wrong, those descriptions of where the franchises are at today is misleading as fuck, that was intentional, but at the same time they're accurate. Like those really are the situations each one of those teams find themselves in at this current point. This reason that this legitimately might be the best sports have been here in years is because in the last year they've each made strides to *hopefully* getting back to being competitive and bringing back the City of Champions.

The Red Wings have one of, if not, the best GMs in hockey and a handful of young prospects that are dragging their nuts across Sweden on a daily basis, so while they did have the fourth overall pick this year, things are undeniable looking up in Hockeytown. One for one. 

The Tigers are in a similar boat to the Wings. Just signed the best free agent manager on the market, and similarly have a plethora of young dudes who look like they'll be contributing to pennant races in the years to come. Again, the Tigers do have the 3rd overall pick this year, but that's just another talent to the stable and with the talent already on the way the Tigers should only be looking up from here on out. Not to mention Chris Ilitch supposedly telling AJ Hinch that he's gonna spend bookoo bucks when the time is right. Two for two. 

The Pistons, like the Lions, aren't quite as as far along as the the aforementioned dumpster fires, but for the first time since literally 2008 they seem to have a GM who is interested in making them competitive and above all else HAS A VISION. We finally have a guy who isn't obsessed with competing for the 8 seed in the East. We have a guy who made moves in his first draft, and now seems to be all in on being HORRIBLE for a couple years, which is exactly what the Pistons should have done 10 years ago. Although this team will be bad for a few more years, there seem to be a couple young guys who could be around for a while, and we have a direction that doesn't involve getting 9 seeds and drafting 11th. For the Pistons that's a massive win. Three for three.

Lastly we have the god forsaken Detroit "Same Old" Lions. Now this thing is looking down, no doubt about that. Coming off one of the more disappointing seasons of my lifetime, which is saying quite a bit, but the ownership has given fans a glimmer of hope, which seems to be all we can hope for as a 23 year Lions fan. Not even a guarantee of hope, or a guarantee of changes working, but just the single, tiny little glimmer is really all we can ask for. Prayers were answered all across the mitten state when that fat loser got fired Saturday and that is as good as we can expect these days. We'll see what happens next, but at least they've located the cancer and eliminated it, only time will tell, but if I was a betting man this team probably sucks ass for another 23 years. Four for Four... I guess?


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