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Imagine Being an MSU Football Fan AND a Chicago Bears Fan??

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Talk about nose diving off the Willis Tower, can you imagine watching these two teams every weekend? Just the same exact team, that both have the same exact maddening flaws, that both refuse to ever fix them whether its over a course of a year, 2 years, 5 years or even 10. MSU & the Bears can always be counted on for one synonymous thing as football teams: having good defenses that time after time and year after year get completely left out to dry and abandoned by a completely incompetent offense run by a monkey with cymbals. It wild how similar they are, like literally State is just the mini me version of the Bears, the only difference is, the Bears somehow still win games. Now don't get me wrong, be an MSU & Lions fan isn't better but the difference is I at least get a little bit different flavor on my Sundays than I do Saturday. On Saturdays I watch a team that knows they can't run the ball, or block anyone, run the ball every single 1st 2nd and sometimes 3rd down for little to no success. Then when they throw they have a quarterback who makes it more than evident he shouldn't be there, BUT they play pretty good defense so I get a little bit of a fix of being able to stop people. And then on Sundays I get to watch an elite quarterback lead an offense that actually has people with a pulse on it, only to be let down by the defense every god damn time. Both teams are losing more often than not absolutely, but at least I get good defense on Saturdays and good offense on Sundays, a little salt AND a little pepper. 

Bears fans just watch the MSU game twice, the only difference is on Sundays they wear blue and orange. Like, I struggle to watch State's offense week after week, I want to pull my hair out at everything that happens from the play calling down, but imagine having to watch that the very next day week after week?!? I'd actually be on suicide watch. Now the Bears being 5-2 definitely takes the edge off but I imagine it is still extremely frustrating because I vividly remember MSU going 10-3 with an offense that was like 140th out of 160. Still winning games but Jesus Christ the offense was doing everything they could to lose them. 

Most simply put; it's like watching shitty movies. Being a Detroit fan I get to watch two different shitty movies. On Saturday it's a shitty comedy, and then on Sunday it's a shitty horror movie; they both fucking suck, and I hate watching them, but at the very least I get to watch two different things every week. On the flip side MSU fans from Chicago have to watch the same exact shitty comedy movie TWICE every week. No new flavor, nothing to cleanse the palate. Has to get old in a hurry. Watching completely inept offenses two days a week has to be the fastest way to insanity so I really do feel for those fans. Bright side: at least Mitch Trubisky isn't your QB anymore... although maybe he should be?

I don't have anything nice to say about State right now, hopefully we don't lose by more than 40 Saturday and one day Mel Tucker proves this blog completely wrong. We can revisit this 3-4 years from now if that happens. Go Green. 

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