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So it would appear as though a full fledged NBA team may be making its way to East Lansing in 2021. Enoch Boakye committed to the Dawgs today and it is now absolutely official that Izzo is on the heater of his life. If he hasn't created a pokerstars account and played 10,000 hands by now then I don't know what the hell hes doing. Maybe lottery tickets or online roulette? Either way if ole Tommy has any wits about him he should be testing his luck at just about anything he can find for these next few days.

Tom "my slowball is still faster than your fastball" Izzo just got his 3rd five star recruit in less than 30 days. That's absurd, that's never happened in my life, that blows the 2016 class out of the water and I remember when we said he would never top that. It is out of control, and I must say as a die hard Detroit sports fan, and MSU football where it seems like nothing ever goes our way, I thank my lucky stars I get to be an MSU hoops fan. Through this quarantine and everything, these recruits are what keeps me going! As much as that makes me sound like a pathetic loser, which may be true, it actually just allows me to sleep at night knowing there will be one point in the sporting calendar where I won't want to constantly throw my TV through the window.

I think we get Akins, so I am looking at Brooks, Christie, Akins (all guaranteed '21s), and then Boakye (seems like a lock to reclassify to '21), and the goat of goats, Emoni Bates. If this comes together like it seems like it will, I cannot stop myself from thinking Bates is gonna say fuck it lemme get a ring at state real quick and join that 21 class which instantly becomes not only the best all time at MSU, but has to be one of the best ever nationally. Now the expectations rise, its always been B1G championship or bust at state, and more years than not, final 4/natty or bust. But now ole Tommy has no excuses, no more MTSU games, no more Syracuse games, only nattys. This is Custer's last stand of college hoops from this coming season to the time guys like Akins, Brooks, Christie, and Boakye leave, it is must win every year for that 2nd chip for Tom Izzo. Massive implications for his legacy but it seems like hes gone super Saiyan on his quest for number 2 and I will never bet against him. Fuck it, I wouldn't be surprised if Izz sneaks one in with Emoni in 21 and then grabs a sneaky 3rd chip that nobody saw coming and instantly elevates his historical legacy, if that's even possible.

Now it's nut up or shut up szn for Izzo and the next 3/4 years of MSU hoops, the sausage has been made, now we need to season and cook that sausage to temperature.

Deep dive on MSU hoops on my podcast, The 2nd String Pod, coming out tomorrow. Go Green.

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