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Joe Kelly Got Fucked

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A hero was born Tuesday night, and his name is Joe Kelly. If you haven't seen or heard by now Joe Kelly absolutely CLOWNED those cheating losers from Houston last night and made waves nationally while doing it. 

Must watch video if you haven't seen it but essentially Joe "cry me a river" Kelly just tosses 90mph baseballs all in and around the bodies of Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa, RE2PECT. Long story short those pussies in Houston got mad at him for throwing at them, fair enough, benches cleared and a bunch of pro baseball players jogged onto the field and stared at each other for a good minute, and along the way Joe Kelly created what will be the meme of 2020. In the simplest way possible he hit Carlos Correa with a crying face that was the facial expression equivalent of getting suplexed by Andre The Giant.

But, real story started today when that fucking idiot Rob Manfred suspended Kelly 6 games (in a 60 game season - 22 in a normal season) and fined him. Think about this, not a SINGLE PERSON from the ownership down to the waterbody in an organization that KNOWINGLY USED ELECTRONICS TO CHEAT TO WIN A WORLD SERIES has been disciplined in any way for doing so, but the guy who almost hit a batter has to miss 10% of the season... what the fuck is that about?!

If the Astros have any interest in winning back the hearts of any baseball fans outside of that dump (probably a very nice city, never been) they call Houston; then they should honor the Joe Kelly sentence and the entire team should self suspend themselves for 6 games. Even that probably won't solve anything but hey, Houston would forfeit 6 times and everyone fucking hates them! Baby steps people, baby steps.

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