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The Detroit Tigers Might Just Fuck Around and Make Me Rich

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WOOOOOOOO HOW BOUT THEM TIGERS?!? Eat em the fuck up boys! What is going on in the Detroit sports world right now? We have a team that is over .500?!?! And its the fucking Tigers?!?! AND THEY ACTUALLY LOOK HALF DECENT WHILE DOING IT?!?!

Now, before anything crazy gets said, I am not gonna get my hopes up (I'm full of shit, my hopes have been up since the series with the Reds ended) because we know how these things go not only for the Tigers, but for the city of Detroit. If things go as they should, this 4-2 start we are off too will quickly turn into 4-12 and I wont write another blog about the Tigers for the rest of the summer; but until then, I am going to ride this high like Joe Rogan and DMT. 

First, it is absolutely fucking crazy that the Tigers are 4-2. Like I've been saying it's all because the law of averages can't catch up with us in this 60 game season and if the Tigs are gonna have any fighting chance of a playoff run in the next 3-4 years, this is the year. The thing that is getting my hopes up is the way that we keep winning these games. 3 of the 4 wins have been 1 run games (I think) and that is what's giving me hope, when is the last time the Tigers were scratching out close games looking like a team that actually knows how to win/ice a game?!?

Last night it was 4-4 in the bottom of the 6th I think, Jacoby Jones hits a go ahead bomb, and for some reason unknown to mankind our bullpen went out there and shut down the Royals for 3 straight innings and we won the game 5-4. Honestly, when is the last time the DETROIT TIGERS have won a single game like that, and here we are after doing that 3 of the 4 wins we have.

Don't get me wrong, it would be fucking great to be murdering these teams 20-2, and our starting pitching staff hasn't looked great, but there is something to be said about somehow finding ways to win games, and there is even more to be said about doing that when the team hasn't done it since 2015. Idk what else to say about it really, but man its been an exciting week to be a Tigers fan. 

Who knows if it'll keep up (no chance it will) but until the ship burned to the ocean floor I am gonna keep talking myself into the Tigs being legit this year and you should too, who knows the next time we will have a +.500 team 6 games into a season.

P.S. In being totally unbiased in my writing I should say, I have multiple car payments riding on the Tigers to win the AL Central. If they pull it off I will be rich beyond your wild dreams, thoughts & prayers are appreciated. 

P.S.S. I am unbiased

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