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Michigan Dismantled Minnesota This Weekend and as an MSU Fan, I'm Nervous

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By now everyone knows, the Michigan Wolverines went into the twin cities this weekend and pretty much shit on Minnesota for 1/2 to 3/4 of the game. Although early on it looked like it was gonna be another game in a long line of Harbaugh big game gaffs after the blocked punt and then missed field goal, god them choking would've been awesome, UM figured it out and shoved their fists up Gophers asses everywhere. I wish I could come on here and talk about how Michigan got lucky, or how they should be worried about this and that but I really can't. Other than their kicker not seeming to know where the uprights are, the Wolverines did EVERYTHING well. The O Line fucking dominated Minnys all game, Milton did everything he had to (I'm still not sold on him being Cam Newton though), the running game was great, wideouts caught passes?, and the defense after a somewhat shaky first half figured it out and didn't give Minnesota anything in the second. Safe to say, I'm worried. 

I already talked about State in the podcast yesterday as well as the blog so I don't wanna get too deep into them in this one, but I want to address specifically what makes me think Michigan might beat us by 50 on Saturday. 1) I thought the biggest weakness with UM was their defense, and specifically their passing defense. Fortunately for them, our OC doesn't seem to enjoy calling passing plays, and our QB sucks so that doesn't make me feel good. 2) Their O Line FUCKED Minnesota, and I know for a fact, our front four is not better than Minnesotas. Michigan might just run for 500 yards on us Saturday... don't like that. And 3) For the first time in forever the QB in Ann Arbor doesn't seem to be someone who is capable of completely self sabotaging the team and single handedly losing the game. That's the real stinger. From the likes of Rudock, to JOK, to Wilton Speight, to Shea, none of those guys ever cleared the waters of being able to single handedly blow a game. Times have changed indeed.

Gotta give it up to Michigan, they came into a primetime slot, against a really good team and completely dominated them. I'm not sure what it means for the rest of their season, or post season hopes, and like I said I'm not even sure Joe Milton is the Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, Aaron Rodgers combo that everyone is hailing him as, but he seems like he'll be able to get the job done. I'm nervous for State this Saturday but hey, CRAZIER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. IT WOULD BE SO UNLIKE JIM HARBAUGH TO SOMEHOW LOSE THIS GAME THAT HE SHOULD NEVER LOSE IN A MILLION YEARS. IT WOULD BE SUCH A DAMN SHAME, BUT THERES NO WAY THEY CHOKE...... RIGHT?!?!? Give me some magic Mel, I beg of you. Go Green.

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