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Michigan State STUNK on Saturday

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I know what you're thinking, we aren't gonna get a podcast covering the straight dumpster fire that was lit in East Lansing this weekend? Don't you worry folks, the podcast will be up later today but for now I felt like I just had to get a few quick words out just to address what happened.

It was bad... like really bad, fucking terrible some might say. We all knew this season was gonna be rough, we knew this teams peak was like a 4-4 finish but I don't think many people saw us not only losing to Rutgers, but getting completely dominated in every facet of the game by Rutgers, it was completely pathetic. We looked like a team that legitimately never practiced the sport of football before. We looked like the god damn team from the Longest Yard all meeting each other for the first time. WHO THE FUCK TURNS IT OVER 7 TIMES?!?! 9 COUNTING THE ON DOWNS. I mean dear god, how is that even possible. Are we aware that fumbling is bad? Has Mel told the offense that we actually want to keep the ball? Has anyone been informed that allowing Rutgers to start 10 drives on our side of the 50 is not going to help us win, and in fact, will probably contribute to us losing?? It was fucking maddening. 

The turnovers were terrible no doubt, but man oh man the offensive play calling might've been worse. I think we ran the ball straight up the middle probably 50 times Saturday and I would guess we gained more than 3 yards on, I don't know, maybe 4 of those runs?? Talk about wasting plays... hey Jay Johnson, halfway through the 3rd quarter when you haven't been able to run the ball for SHIT all day, and when you've thrown the ball it's seemed to work a bit better... MAYBE MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT AND THROW THE BALL. Call offense like we are trying to win the game it's ridiculous. At times I literally thought the objective of the offense was to NOT score points, we called plays like we had no interest in running any plays that had the potential of picking up more than 4 yards. Thought we fixed that problem from the past few years... guess not. Also, I know Rocky didn't play terribly but are we sure he's the guy? Like, I watched him play last year, he isn't good at football. He threw 2 picks, should've been 4 probably and had a couple BRUTAL misreads that either turned into picks or just costed State potential TD's. He stinks. Thorne and Day better be embarrassingly bad at football to not be the guy, like below a high school starter level. I don't get it, offensive staff, for the fourth year in a row.

Bright side: who cares about this season, we knew we'd stink (didn't think it would be this bad), and I actually thought the defense was alright despite being given a short field 50% of the time Rutgers got the ball. Need a pass rush and to blitz a bit more but I have faith in Mel figuring that out. Offense sucked, Mel better tell Jay to stop being a pussy against Michigan or we are gonna have serious problems. Oh yeah, and I thought I read the O line was supposed to be decent this year? Returning starters, guys with experience, some young guys ready to play... they fucking sucked too. Mel better figure it out before this Saturday otherwise we are going to get rammed for ole Paul Bunyan. 

Go Green... I guess

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