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Pavel Datsyuk was the 2nd Coming of God Himself

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Another day another highlights reel. So I'll fill you in on what my bored sports youtube searches usually look like. It's essentially a rotation between the Red Wings, MSU hoops, MSU football, and the Lions here and there. Obviously those first three have a lot more fun things to watch so, kinda self explanatory there. Although the Lions will be going 16-0 this year.

Anyway, Pavel Datsyuk. I legitamately could just write Pavel Datsyuk, toss in the video, and call this a blog. This dude literally is a fucking wizard, I know his nickname was the Magic Man but this dude goes from Pavel the Grey to Datsyuk the White in a span of 10 minutes. Once again if you have a few minutes watch this dude's highlight tape, it is completely ridiculous that he existed in human form. Honestly, it doesn't even make sense how much better he is than everyone in some of these clips, its like if I wen't to the local elementary school and played basketball against a bunch of 5th graders. Straightup blood booth, no fucking mercy, and no regard for their feelings and will to continue to play the game. 


First off, its wild how every single highlight for 10 mins straight leaves you thinking, "how the fuck did he do that". He literally looks like he snuck on during a high school hockey game and decided to shit on everyone. It got me thinking, where does prime Pavel Datsyuk rank all time?? Honestly. Prime Pavel has to be minimum a top 3 talent in my life. Him, Crosby, Federov? And again, prime Pav I think you could argue is the best of those 3. Not only did he just corkscrew these morons into the ice, but he was making like swiper the fox out there just taking whatever he damn well pleased.

It's crazy to think about the fact that not only the Red Wings, but the city of Detroit had a guy that was a top 3 talent in the entire league not too long ago. And now its like I could go out and make the 4th line for the wings, assuming I learned how to skate and play hockey, but still you get the point. That clip where he makes the San Jose dudes collide literally makes me swell up every time I see it. Who the fuck is doing that kinda stuff anymore? Who has ever done it besides him? Nobody. Maybe McDavid one day, but until then Conor McDavid will be known as Pavel Datsyuk's adopted American son. Conor "Pavel" McDavid. I really hope the Red Wings get good again soon... writing this positive Detroit sports stuff gets me so damn depressed about loving sports, fuck!


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