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The Pads Are POPPING in East Lansing, LFG

msu football pads

Let's fucking go! Growing up playing football this is one of the best days of the year, the day the pads go on. It's the day you figure out who's about it and who isn't (I was so about it, it's not even funny). Seeing as though I'm washed and I'd probably dislocate everything in my body if somebody hit me, the closest I can get to popping pads is watching our DAWGS in East Lansing get after it. I've done plenty on here talking about Mel Tucker and how he is day by day convincing me that he can turn MSU into a powerhouse, but this is some of the first real taste of stuff going down on the field and it's electric to watch. I love football. 

 What really turns me on is how much Mel preaches physicality and people being hardnosed badasses at MSU and those couple clips of the wide outs getting after it gets the blood pumping. Playing in high school you always appreciate the dudes who are LOOKING for the contact. Those guys who got a little pep in their step because they finally get to body someone. Especially when it's dudes like Jayden Reed who isn't necessarily Mr. Physicality when you think about him. Seeing a guy like him, who's gonna be successful with or without busting ass in 1 v 1 hitting drills, WANT to put his shoulder down and go straight through another mass of life... that's what I want. That's what I need. Not to mention all the talk about the transfers coming in we finally get a bit of tape to see what these dudes are all about compared to the rest of the roster coming back from last year. 

 Tank Brown hopefully filling a gap at pass rusher that State desperately needs. It's a beautiful thing to see 11 on 11 full contact foozball. Also, I don't care if they're just practice jerseys and helmets without decals but my god the green and white never gets less crispy. Always turns me on like 5% more than if we didn't have gorgeous unis. 

 GAS ME UP!!!!! Cj Hayes looked like an ox pulling a wagon there. Spartan Dawg shit. God I love this sport and I love this team. If that doesn't have you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs, then allow me to send you out on this note:

 More MSU & Mel talk on this week's episode of The Detroiter


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