The McSpaghetti Should Be a Crime Against Humanity

mcdonalds mcspaghetti

Hot in the twitter food streets today is the news that McDonalds has set its sights on massacring another classic. They've destroyed ribs, they've absolutely buried fileted fish, and today they move to cremate one of the more iconic meals we have all have come to know and love... spaghetti. As I write this I'm scrolling through twitter finding pictures of said, McSpaghetti and I'm now realizing that I think they only sell it in the Philippines, still, the point remains. McDonalds putting their spin on something as hallowed as a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese should be a crime against humanity. 

I hate to use the stupid cliché twitter sayings, but tell me you're serving stale egg noodles smothered in ketchup, without telling me you're serving stale egg noodles smothered in ketchup... McSpaghetti. As a proud (25%) Italian I am personally offended by the audacity of an establishment that has made their bones serving meat paste and French fries thinking they can hijack a hallmark of a historic culture. Absolutely disgraceful. I mean look at this shit.

Exhibit A: proof of Mcspaghetti being on the menu, disregard the Thor Hulk hybrid

Exhibit B: proof that their so called "spaghetti" poses a greater threat than the infamous Mustard Gas that was banned by the Geneva Convention

 You can't tell me that isn't ketchup with old ass noodles. And the 8 little shreds of what looks to be cheddar cheese? My god what a disgrace. Stick with what got you here McDonalds. Play the hits, "chicken", "beef", and fries. Don't need to get too cute, nobody is showing up for a 5 star restaurant experience, they show up to get cheap, reliable food, and feel like shit for 12 hours afterwards. 


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