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Why Pistons Fans Should Be Ecstatic If We Get Lamelo Ball

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I haven't blogged in a while, but I figured a topic like this was the perfect time to make my return. Full disclosure, I'm more of a talking/podcast guy than a writing guy but this isn't a big enough topic to do a full podcast on, nor do I know enough about the Pistons and basketball to do one... although I have been debating doing little 2 minute twitter videos on things that are short like this instead of blogging but I haven't decided if I wanna go through with it yet, stay posted. 

ANYWAY, the point of this blog is to let Pistons fans far and wide know why they should be jumping for joy if the Stones somehow get Lamelo tonight. First and foremost the Pistons would have at least some degree of relevance for the first time in at least what, 10 years? Whether the relevance comes from them being a good team, because they have an exciting rookie, or if that rookie sucks and its just because his last name is Ball, WHO CARES. Nobody has given a shit about us in forever, if we took Lamelo we instantly are playing on primetime ESPN 5 times more than we did last year. If we take Lamelo we instantly are a talking point of NBA fans across the country. If we take Lamelo, whether we get good or not, people in Detroit will pay attention to the Pistons. It only makes sense to take the guy if he's there. Not to mention, that he's actual a wizard at basketball (offensively). He's like white chocolate with that thang in his hands, he can shoot, he's a 6 foot 8 PG which is a GM's wet dream, and even though he sucks ass at defense, with that frame and NBA coaching he has all the potential in the world to become at worst, an okay defender. 

And I know the other knock on him is his ridiculous dad as well as the general antics of the Ball family. Again, who the fuck cares. His dad could be a serial killer and I wouldn't budge from taking him. Whether his dad gets in fights with Dwayne Casey, or bags on Blake Griffin or whatever people are worried about him doing, WHO CARES. Also, Lavar Ball has actually said he would like to see Lamelo in Detroit soooooo....... why are we worried about him again? Antics or no antics, the Pistons are so god damn desperate for something even remotely exciting that the antics shouldn't have anything to do with the decision making. If anything the antics will make the Pistons more prevalent nationally which again, hasn't been the case in over 10 years. I just want something to be excited about in Detroit and 3 & D wing guys don't get my rocks off. A Ball brother throwing alley oops to Christian Wood and Blake Griffin and then rocking Buffs to Legends after the game, that shit is what gets my rocks off and it is so overdue to happen in Detroit. Just the fact that Lamelo has star power potential is reason enough to take him. I need some sort of life in this god forsaken organization.

If all that wasn't enough; Lamelo's mom (I think) is from Detroit and he's been training here all pandemic and seems to like the place. AND he just did a draft interview with Jalen Rose, known Detroit stan. AND he looks sharp as fuck in the Piston blue and red. Please Troy Weaver, don't make the biggest mistake of your career, if Lamelo is there, you take him. 

Signed, any Pistons fan with a brain.

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