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Maybe More Important Than The Election, Matt Stafford Has Been Placed On The Covid List

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I wish there was a way for me to properly type out the deepest sigh ever recorded, because that is truly the only way I can concisely describe how this news makes me feel. Of fucking course Matt Stafford is getting put on the Covid list, of course. The only thing that would make this more Lions is if we did in fact make the playoffs and he had to sit out a playoff game as opposed to an extremely crucial game in the playoff race. Right when we trade for Everson Griffen, right when Kenny Golladay goes down, it's only right that the Detroit Lions lose the last standing piece of this team having an ounce of success. 

Good news though is that he doesn't confirmed have it, he was in contact with someone this past Monday which means if he produces a negative test he will still be able to play Sunday. So it isn't a completely foregone conclusion, but, still pretty shit news overall. Like I said on The 2nd String Pod this week; to have a decent chance at making the post season we need to win the next 5 games, which would include the game this Sunday against Minnesota who I'll remind you, just beat Green Bay. Stafford won't be able to practice all week but lets keep those nostrils crossed for a negative test so he can play Sunday because if he doesn't, I mean, we're fucked. Just the cold hard truth. Sports suck, the Lions will never make me dreams come true, and I don't know what else to say, this blows. Why do bad things happen to good people.

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