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A New Age Red Wings-Avalanche Rivalry Is Exactly What Hockey Needs

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It is a fine Thursday afternoon in Metro Detroit today and as I so often am these days, I was bored and drinking coffee so I decided to type in the words, "red wings" into google and see what happened. Pretty fucking wild life I live, I know. Lucky for me, I actually got a hit that consisted of more than some mundane article like, "Red Wings search for answers heading into 2021". I got something a little controversial, something that put a little fire in my belly, something that sent me back to days of Hockeytown's glory, goalies fighting, and that fucking pussy Patrick Roy. 

I guess re reading that Patrick Roy was maybe the wrong former Avs player to tease at, I should've teased Joe Sakic but I actually like him so I didn't want to be mean. Plus, shitting on Patrick Roy feels like something that needs to happen whenever someone references the Detroit-Colorado rivalry. The article that I stumbled upon happened to be a ranking of the 30 NHL GM's and as luck would have it, Colorado's former star turned Messiah, Joe Sakic, ranked 1; and Detroit's player legend turned hand of God, Steve Yzerman, ranked 2. 

One view of where Red Wings’ Steve Yzerman ranks among NHL GMs -

How fucking perfect is that. Joe Sakic and Steve Yzerman both serving as GMs of the franchises they were, and still are, icons with as players. Not to mention, the most electric rivalry in the history of hockey and maybe in sport. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beat the McCarty on Lemieux, Shanahan soaring the air, Vernon - Roy brawl. Like literally fucking nothing beat that. I was barely even alive for that shit and I still get goosebumps to this day. ELECTRICITY IN ITS MOST UNBRIDLED FORM. And now, after all that, these guys are each back with those same teams looking to restore them to their former glory. It's so perfect it actually feels like someone is writing the tale on these two guys and this rivalry in real time. 

Since the late 90's the rivalry has no doubt lost its flame with the Avs fading through the 2000s and early 2010s and now the Wings fading in the last half of the 2010s; and more than anything, the amount of violence and pure hatred losing it's place in the game. But can you fucking imagine these two teams meeting in the Stanley Cup? Can you imagine both these teams being good and meeting in a regular season game? God I would pay. The Avs are already holding up their end of the bargain and if you've been following along, or just have a brain, Stevie Y is well on his way to holding up his end.

The only thing that sucks about this is that there's literally no way I'll be able to get rid of the potential of this rivalry being renewed throughout this rebuild and once the Wings get back to where they were. God damn just give me shit like this again, give the world this again. MAKE HOCKEY GREAT AGAIN.


It's the brawl video aka a must watch. Youtube sucks. 

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