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After what feels like years of going back and forth on whether or not the B1G would play college football this year, it has been decided, they will! They postponed it, then canceled it, then un-postponed it, and finally have reinstated in to start October 27th, all is right in the world. The Lions are blowing games and the Michigan State Spartans will be given the opportunity to march to the Rose Bowl. I am currently in a state of football nirvana. The purpose of this post isn't to talk about the politics of whether or not they should've played and if it's safe or what not, because politics fucking suck, they quite literally are the worst. The purpose of this post is for me to display my joy in the fact that I get to watch Rocky Lombardi go 8-22 for 60 yards and an interception this fall. It is going to be glorious. The other purpose of this post is for my to joke (kind of) about MSU somehow making a miracle run to Indy.

We are going to get to see the beginning of the Mel Tucker era at Michigan State. The beginning of the next trip to Indy, the beginning of the next time Harbaugh cries at the podium over the Spartans, the beginning of my taking a bath in roses. Not to mention, thank god they're playing for recruiting purposes. I still don't know how the presidents/ADs thought these coaches were going to recruit against the ACC and SEC after sitting out an entire season while HS players everywhere watch all those schools play primetime game after primetime game, so that's another big thing for Mel. But seriously, is State gonna surprise some people this year? Are we gonna go out and give the double birds to Harbum and Michigan? Are we gonna rain on Ryan Day's parade? We already know that we have Penn State's number so that one seems like more of a given. Fuck it, it's 2020 why can't MSU make a Rose Bowl?! Is it because their roster is completely atrocious? Don't care. Is it because they have a brand new coach, system, and complete team philosophy that is going to take a while to instill? Don't care. Is it because we may end up with the concessions guy playing quarterback? Don't care. It's 2020 YOU NEVER FUCKING KNOW! The one thing I do know, is that there is nothing a Michigan State football team loves more than being counted out. Nothing gets those guys rocks off quite like hearing Lee Corso predict them to win 1 game. Nothing tingles their balls the same as Jim Harbaugh laughing them off as "not being a rival". Fuck em. Gimme state to the Rose Bowl. I love it. 7-1. Mel Tucker arrives. Only a year or two more until we hit the jackpot and win the natty. 

.......... I'm more or less fucking around but I am psyched to be able to watch us blow a 28 point lead to Illinois once again, there's nothing quite like it. Cheers to the B1G, cheers to college football regaining the last infinity stone so to speak, and cheers to Mel Tucker (hopefully) making some waves this year. Let's have a damn fall, someone get me the captain and cider. Go Green.

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