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Lions Fans Need to Relax on Jeff Okudah

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The Detroit Lions played the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday and spoiler alert: the Lions got their nut sacks stapled to their foreheads. After jumping out to a quick 14-3 lead it was nothing but a dumpster fire for Detroit. Aaron Jones looked incapable of not ripping off a first down every time he touched the ball, Aaron Rodgers didn't get taken off his feet the entire day, and Matt Stafford threw maybe the worst pick 6 I have ever seen. It was just bad, everything was fucking bad. It was pathetic. Now I could spend pages writing about the incompetence and straight up ignorance that lies within the decision makers on this team, I'm looking at you Patricia you loser, but I did that on episode 30 of my podcast. So if you're in the mood for ganging up on that bearded fuck Patricia go check that out, its a nice existential release.

I wanted to use the blog however, much like last week, to address Lions fans that are being stupid. So everyone with a twitter, and/or eyeballs knows that our 3rd overall pick Jeff Okudah got absolutely shredded this week. 7 catches for like 120 yards or something like that if my memory serves. Not great. But for some reason, based off this kids FIRST EVER GAME IN THE NFL people are already shoveling the dirt over his cold body and declaring him a bust. How fucking stupid can you be? He's a 22 year old kid who played against one of the greatest QBs of all time, and an absolute STUD wide receiver in HIS FIRST CAREER GAME. And if that wasn't difficult enough, his guru head coach is of the opinion that pressuring the quarterback is not even remotely a critical part of the game. So not only is Aaron Rodgers a god as it is, but he's allowed to pitch a tent, make some breakfast, and then start his progression when the Detroit Lions come to town. So, relax. Relax on the rookie, he played one of the more lethal QB-WR tandems in the league in his first ever game. If you're calling him a bust after that then there are a few things that are wrong with you. 1) you're an idiot 2) you don't know dick about football 3) have AN OUNCE of patience with a rookie playing an all time quarterback 4) ripping this dude after his first game isn't going to help anything. That fourth bullet might be the most annoying part of all of this. Sure, he didn't play great, sure you might be a little angry, but what is the positive of calling the 1 game veteran a bust? Shattering his confidence? Making him angry with the fanbase? That is the OPPOSITE of what we should be doing as fans. Don't get me wrong, I hate Ebron, and he did actually stink over a multi year period, but we don't want year 1 Jeff Okudah to turn into an Ebron situation as it relates to the fans. Cheer the kid on, he will improve so root for it for fucks sake, it's insane to me that I feel like I have to say this stuff. Jeff if you're reading this, I will stand guard for you my brother, I did it for Hock last year and I will do it again with all of our rookies. Lions fans, stop being fucking idiots. Kid had one bad game, show a little positivity ONE TIME. 

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