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The Worst Part About The Lions Fan Base

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I don't wanna talk about the game itself in here, between the living hell occurring in my own head and conversations I've had on my podcast and with my friends I am totally out of shit to say regarding the Same Old Lions. I know I said we'd start off 1-0, I know I said Trubisky stinks (which I was absolutely right about), and I know I said this is our year. It still can be, week 1 is over and it is on to Green Bay, let's go 1-1 for the love of all things holy. 

I'm coming to you from my parents coffee table today to call out a certain contingent of pussy Lions fans. Based off the cover picture for this blog you know I am not talking about the die hard real one, shoutout Big Cat biggest Lions fan I could think of off the top of my head, I am here to talk about the "Detroit Sports fans" that are closet Lions fans and then try to take the moral high ground over everyone who actually cares once the SOL effect comes to fruition. Please, allow me to elaborate. Since the dawn of time the Detroit Lions have been getting peoples hopes up, only to blow games in the most astounding ways possible... precisely how the events of Sunday September 13th, 2020 unfolded. Sure that's partially why I haven't been able to enjoy a meal for the past 48 hours but the other reason is because of the pussy Detroit fans that say, "lmao what do you expect, i cant believe you get your hopes up year after year for this team lmfao lol *crying laughing emoji." If I just described you then you need to shut the fuck up. Those people piss me off beyond belief. Like dude, what the fuck do you mean we get our hopes up every year? No shit we get our hopes up every year... am I supposed to go into every single season, year after year, with the attitude of "awww fuck it, nothings ever gonna change I may as well not even watch". If you are saying that's what Lions fans should do then you are a certified fucking loser. You should have not only your Lions fandom card revoked but your sport fandom in general card. I mean, what a shitty, sorry, loser ass mentality. Frankly, it makes me sick.

And I know what you cowards are gonna say, "when the Pistons, Wings, or Tigers suck nobody cares about them, why do the Lions get your attention?!?!" BECAUSE ITS FOOTBALL YOU NERD! How do people not understand the power of football? Especially in a city like Detroit. Don't get me wrong, the D is a fantastic all around sports city, but in its heart, deep down in its bones it is a football city. If you don't like it I'm sorry but that's just the way it is in Detroit. No matter how many losing seasons the Lions string together, it will always be a football city and people will always get up for Lions football. It's just the way the world works, so don't give me that, "just because it's football doesn't mean you should care" horse dookie. Lions football, for better or for worse, will always be king in this city. And my final message to all the pussy Detroit fans who like to make jokes about people caring about the Lions, when the day comes that the Detroit Lions finally breakthrough and find success dont you fucking dare try to hop on the bandwagon because I know for a fact ALL of you cowards will try to. All you people that try to play it off like we are idiots for caring about the Cats would be leading the god damn Super Bowl parade if you could, so just shove it. Nobody wants to hear it, and nobody needs your weak asses when the Cats figure it out either. I get it, the Lions suck, I've been part of it for 23 years now, but don't give me that weak ass "I cant believe people care about the Lions lmfao" pussy shit. So god damn infuriating. 

Must win in Green Bay this week, lets go 1-1. This ship hasn't sunk yet. That being said, Same Old Lions shirts on sale from now until Sunday morning, only way to feel better about Lions losses. #OnePride

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