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Bigger Surprise: Michigan State or Kenneth Walker?

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Every day I wake up and honest to god, other than world domination, my first thought is about how incredible it is that Michigan State football is 6-0. My next thought is more of an inner dialogue asking myself whether or not Kenneth Walker being the legitimate Heisman front runner is more incredible. Not exactly sure what that says about me or about my mental house or whatever, all I know is, I fucking love MSU football and I love K9. I almost forgot from 2015 to now just how much better the fall is when your college football team is going from town to town on the B1G circuit just bludgeoning teams. Wake up, drink some coffee & eat some breakfast, watch Michigan State curb stomp teams like Rutgers and Indiana, and then carry on with my Saturday. It truly is the life. But what is the more surprising thing? The fact that a team that was pegged to be a bottom feeder in the Big Ten is now the big swinging dick at the cracker factory? Or a program that hasn't had a 1000 yard rusher since 2014 now has the second coming of Saquon Barkley (not biased)? I actually can't decide and I've never been this excited and happy to have a debate with myself on the internet.

On one hand, the Dawgs are doing something as a team that NOBODY predicted. Not even the most bullish MSU fans (me) would've ever guessed that we'd be creeping up on spooky season and the boys would be undefeated, top 10, and poised to steamroll Indiana and then move on to end Jim Harbaugh's tenure at Michigan. It almost doesn't feel real. These guys are doing something so special right now that I am actually waking up every day and thinking about how awesome MSU is before I do anything. You might be thinking "what's wrong with this guy", if something is wrong with that, then I don't want to be right! Not to mention, this whole circus has come together due to a new elephant that can do tricks. That elephant being an offense that, dare I say, scores points?!?! It's the weirdest shit on earth watching State games and like, having to keep my eye on the screen so I don't miss a score????? What the fuck is that about? 70 yard touchdowns? 94 yard runs???? What is going on here? It's mind boggling to watch a dominant MSU team that isn't scraping by on 20-7 wins and elite defense. We have a QB who drops dime, two receivers who make a killing on late night taquitos (711), and an offensive line that shucks corn and pile drivers defenders. It's awesome and is unreal and I love it. But it may not be crazier than K9 winning the Heisman.

On the other hand, Michigan State having a Heisman winner has LITERALLY never happened before, and they got the fucking front runner! He's incredible! Is he a man? Is he a machine? Is he the Avengers meet The Fantastic Four meet Barry Sanders meet god?!?! He is unstoppable and every time he touches the field, it's abundantly clear that he's just the best player on the field. That's what's really fucking wild, yea it's cool looking at the stats and being able to dip our nuts in dumb Michigan fans' mouths who try and say Corum is better. Yea it's a good time bodying all defenders of Bijan Robinson and Treyvon Henderson via irrefutable statistics. But, far and away the best part is watching Ken run the ball and seeing and realizing that MSU just has the best player on the field. I never watched Barry Sanders since I wasn't born, would've loved to though I've heard good things, but I imagine the feelings I experience watching K9 are similar to what it was like watching Barry. Every time he gets the ball, nobody on earth could convince me he isn't housing it until I see a knee on the ground. And again, imagine seeing an MSU player win a fucking Heisman?!?!? I straight up can't. 

I guess for now we'll call it a draw and I'm okay with that. This MSU team is the real fucking deal and from where I'm sitting I have confidence in, in every game they play the rest of the year. As far as Ken, he is the Heisman and anybody who says otherwise is a liar or is dumb. Insert the LeBron I can't believe this is my life meme. Go Green.

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