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Hockeytown Becomes Hockeytown Again, Starting Now

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This is the year, this is it. The Detroit Red Wings of old, the ones we grew up with knowing nothing but domincance, skill, class, and being of elite standing in one of the most presitigious professional sports leagues on the planet, those Detroit Red Wings start again, today. The days of losing and gaming for draft position, the days of LCA being this cool, new building that doesn't really get too full or get too loud, and hasn't really seen anything resembling tradition or history made inside of it... that shit is over too. And last but not least, the days of Detroit being a party city on the NHL circuit, that will not be happening anymore, and if it does, the Wings will take the 2 points and send a hungover Florida Panther team on their way. Detroit will no longer be the, "hey fellas we don't play til tomorrow at 7 pm and the Wings stink, should we go see what kinda tail is roaming around the city? Maybe have a few beers? Few cocktails? Call it a night around, say, 2 am??? THAT is what I'm talking about. Being a city where opposing teams know they got a roll over game the next day and their only priority is what bar they wanna hit to hopefully get lucky with some 313 ass. Forget a scouting report, only thing they're scouting are 21-33 year old smoke shows that have taken their talents to San Morello for the evening. I am fucking sick of that, and it ends starting tonight. You do that, you lose the next day. Heed this is a word of warning, Atlantic Division.

Today, the Detroit Red Wings remember that they're the Detroit Red Wings. Steve Yzerman asserts his will on this organization once more. The past years of Detroit Hockey return with new faces at the helm and older ones pulling the strings. Draper, Kronwall, Yzerman; guys who have seen what it actually means to be Hockeytown and now have had a hand, and time, in assembling this iteration of the Red Wings... I think they are fed up, I think they begin to instill into this team and these players, that the Detroit Red Wings win hockey games. Not hope to win, not try to win, they DO win. That's what Detroit Hockey is, being elite, being the best, everyone wanting to BE you. That starts again tonight. Larkin grew up with it and knows as well as anyone, he's been practicing, playing, and hanging out amongst the absolute LEGENDS and decades of history that exist within this organization and I am certain he is ready to write his own. 

This little 6 minute interview had me thinking we were winning the Stanley Cup for a second.

 That interview pretty much sums up the expectation and goal for this season. Dylan finally has the horses around him, or at least camels. Upgrade from the absolute donkeys he's been surrounded with in years past. Lucas Raymond will change this team, Mo Seider will do the same. Leddy, Ndjelkovic, Stetcher returning, Pius Suter all guys that are immediate upgrades. All guys that starting tonight play a part in restoring the greatness of the Detroit Red Wings, and I couldn't be more excited. 

I cannot wait to watch the game of hockey, I cannot wait to see how these guys have grown, I cannot wait to see improvement, I cannot wait to watch hopefully 82 meaningful games, and I CANNOT WAIT to see the beautiful Winged Wheel dance around my screen 82 times this season. No more being a party down for Ovi, now we beat guys like him. Let's Go Red Wings.

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