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Cade Comes This Week, Smell the Roses

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Ironically enough just when I decided to sit down and write this blog, Woj, at the behest and allowance of his majesty Troy Weaver, dropped a little bit of a bomb saying that the Pistons "still haven't committed to Cade Cunningham at 1".

Writing this today I just want everyone to look around and smell the roses a bit. Look, I can read, so I am aware that I am supposed to believe that the Pistons actually may be interested in moving off of Cade, but there is a bit of reading between the lines to be done in this case. First off, I do believe Cade will be a Piston by 10 p.m. EST Thursday July 29th. I do think everyone freaking out and losing it over the idea that they may move the pick is freaking out over nothing, I would be absolutely SHOCKED to see Weaver and the Pistons decide against him. Think about it, you have the first overall pick for the first time in forever, in a city that NEEDS a star to rally behind, with a prospect who by all accounts is the unanimous number 1 player. If you take him and he doesn't pan out, it's not your fault. For that reason they will take him.

However, you should be happy that Weaver is letting things like this slip through the cracks. Pistons fans should love that there is "a possibility that they move off Cade". Again, I don't think it happens, but this is Troy Weaver doing his job as well as holding the fire to other GMs nut sacks to see if they're about it or not. Houston, Cleveland, you want Cade that badly? Let's fucking see it. That's exactly what you want out of your GM, make us an offer that we can't refuse! 

It will be Cade, but if it isn't we can sleep well knowing it'll be either Mobley or Green and a plethora of overwhelmingly great assets in addition to a potential franchise player. It will work itself out. I didn't write this blog to debate Cade vs Mobley vs Green, or to debate whether or not Troy should trade the pick, I wanted to write it just to remind all Detroit fans, and certainly Pistons fans to smell the roses a bit. This is the first time the Pistons have had the #1 pick in my lifetime, this is the first time the Pistons have had real life momentum and excitement around them in the last 10-12 years? This is the first time the Pistons are going to add a world class player in that same time frame, give or take 2019 Blake. This one hundred percent is the best time it's been to be a Detroit Pistons fan since 2008/09. People need to appreciate the fact that we are even in a position to render excitement and passion, it hasn't happened in fucking 12 years. That's insane, enjoy it, no matter what anyone says Weaver is thinking about doing with the pick. 

Something electric happens to this team and to this city this week so don't let a little bit of controversy or Weaver doing his job rob you of this moment, it's still nuts for me to think about the Pistons being relevant. Not to mention, if you zoom out from just the Pistons, the Red Wings this past week added another hopeful franchse D man as well as franchise goaltender. The Tigers have cavalry coming up through the system and just selected two more top 10 arms a few weeks ago in their draft. The Lions... well, might have a good O line and have a quarterback that wears the fuck out of a varsity jacket, which counts for something. This is the most positive Detroit sports have been in ages and after Cade officially becomes a part of it on Thursday, it will only be up for the Motor city. Take a few moments each day this week and smell the roses. Not long ago there wasn't even a trace of hope for any of the teams in this city.

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  • Brian on

    Hey, I’m trying to find a different way to leave feedback and couldn’t find a “contact us” or anything, so I’m shooting in the dark here. Just got the CADE Tee delivered and I’m ready for the draft. Love the shirt but unfortunately the sizing ran real small even though the listing says “runs bigger than usual”. For future customers, I think you might want to update that. It left me a little bummed, but tomorrow night should make it better, you’re right, it’ll be electric.

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