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The Detroit Tigers Still Cannot Be Stopped

baseball cant be stopped detroit tigers

Don't try to talk me down, just don't do it. I've said it time and time again, this is the first time us Detroiters have been able to enjoy an on field product, in any sport, in the last like 5 years? Don't you fucking dare try to talk me down. The Tigers have been absolutely electric for the past week and a half and you know what, I am about as excited as I've ever been to watch them beat the piss out of the Rangers for the fourth straight day. 

I'm not totally delusional, I understand that this team isn't winning the World Series (sike, kind of), I understand that the "championship window" still hasn't even begun to crack open, I understand that there will be a point in this second half where the Detroit Tigers can only be stopped. I get all of that but right here, right now, it's positive vibes only and I don't want to do anything else but make like Zack Wilson and just soak. 

I don't want to totally rewrite the blog I wrote Monday after the Tigs beat the fuck out of Texas 14-0. In that one I got into why it is the Tigers are where they are. Mize, Manning, Skubal shoving. The bullpen being 7 Mariano Riveras. Schoop, Baddoo, Grossman, Haase are all fucking incredible. All that shit. I don't wanna rehash everything on the baseball side and do too much nitty gritty. Moral of the story: pretty much everyone is playing well and playing off each other, and the way these guys look right now you'd never believe me if I told you that they were the worst team in the bigs through the first 40. They've been the best since the All Star break and show no signs of slowing down (I'm fully aware of the jinx risk I assume with writing this but I can't contain myself, don't try to talk me down) and I am excited for 1:10 pm on Thursday July 22, 2021. Who would've thought. 

If you take one thing from reading this let it be this: actually take two things. On second thought I would like you to take two things from this blog and let them be this: 1) enjoy the Detroit Tigers playing good baseball while you can, who knows how long it will last and who knows when it will happen again. 2) If you're a casual Tigers fan that hasn't paid much attention and you haven't watched them in a year or two, do yourself a favor and tune in for a game this weekend, I promise you'll be happy you did. This team is fun, they're competitive, and they don't give a fuck. It's awesome. 

Positive vibes only.

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