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Cade Cunningham Already is a Detroit Piston, Reality is Just Catching Up

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My oh my oh my oh my, how the turntables have turned. For all of you that may not be familiar, when the Pistons won the NBA Draft Lottery and won the Cade sweepstakes I hastily, and ingeniously whipped up a Cade design and got them out and on sale. Since then I've been lucky enough to team up with the hottest name on Pistons twitter and possibly NBA twitter, Nicolas Henkel (shoutout Motown Noah) and have him help market those very same Cade tees. Now, Nick working his ass off, doing what he does cranking out Youtube videos, was generous enough to actually wear this shirt in a video. Here's where this blog gets fun. I am old enough to remember (a week ago) Nick and I promoting those Cade shirts on twitter and getting swarmed with cottage cheese brained morons. The number of "these shirts will be hilarious when Cade is with the Rockets" tweets I had to sift through actually changed my stance on human intelligence. 

Ironically enough I just went through twitter trying to find those very same tweets to embed here but they're gone. I swear there were a heap of them. I would never lie to you. Anywho, Nick and I doing the best we could to uphold everything in this realm that we hold dear, we're screaming at these buffoons, "Cade is already a Piston, it has been decided". 

Faster forward to present day and Cade Cunningham is in Detroit, Michigan watching the Tigers beat the absolute shit out of the Texas Rangers and getting showered with "we want Cade" chants from the lovely people of our city.


— nick (@nsitto2) July 20, 2021

YUP!!! I fucking told you guys. CADE CUNNINGHAM HAS BEEN A PISTON THIS ENTIRE TIME, reality is just taking its time catching up. So now would it be funny if he went to the Rockets?!? Because there is no fucking chance and you never had one, Houston. Cade is here. He wants Detroit and Detroit wants him. A 6'8 point guard that can shoot, dribble, pass, and defend... no big fucking deal, is going to be the primetime guy for the Detroit Pistons and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Sorry Houston, sorry Cleveland, and a large suck my balls to all the people trying to tell us that "the shirts would be hilarious once Cade is a Rocket", we told you. Now that they were wrong and I was right, the shirt makes total sense. I won't shame anyone who wants to cross the picket line and still buy in the Cade Detroit hype and scoop a shirt. It's fine, you can admit it, the shirts were gas all along. It's okay to go from being a dummy thinking he was going to the Rockets to becoming a Stringhead and buying the only Cade piece worth a damn. It's okay guys, really. Cade is a Piston. 

CADE shirts below!

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