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The Detroit Tigers are a juggernaut, the likes of which this earth has never seen. I don't know what is happening but all I know is this is the most exciting the Tigers have been since like 2016? It's fucking nuts how long it's been. I know the game is still going but I also know the Tigers are beating the living shit out of the Texas Rangers on live television. I know jinxes exist but not tonight, not this team. I could've waited until the game tonight was all said and done but I couldn't help myself, I'm sitting here alone getting barked at by my dog, because I'm giving Miguel Cabrera the pep talk of a fucking lifetime through my television. I'm absolutely buzzing and this team is still gonna be like 7 games under .500? Who gives a fuck, carpe diem. It's only the 4th game back after the All Star break but this team looks like the Monstars if they made a Space Jam about baseball. The boys are having fun, the boys are hitting, the boys are pitching, the boys are field, and the boys are fucking winning, someway somehow and I am writing this to tell you it's time you tune in for a game or two. In the last (this could be off but I think) 2-2.5 months the Tigers have one of the better records in the league. Akil Baddoo and Jonathan Schoop are literal boogeymen in the middle of the order. Mize, Skubal, and Turnbull when healthy will make you wish you picked up the hockey stick before the baseball bat on any given night. The bullpen and backend starters, god bless em, are figuring out ways to be good enough every night. It's quite exciting. I don't know how long this will last, I don't know if it'll ever get to the point of turning into a bit of a wildcard chase, but it is refreshing. Especially, I think about this literally every day, especially when you think about how hungry this fanbase is for ANYTHING. The Tigers are scratching and clawing to be that anything.

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