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The Sun is Shining in Detroit

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Ironically enough, the weather has been fairly dog shit for the last month or so. It's rained quite a bit, hasn't necessarily been super sunny or super warm, give or take a few days, and the last few days there's been like a weird smog type thing going on where you can't really see the sky or the clouds and the sun burns super orange. But on this day, the sun is shining in Detroit, even if it isn't. The Tigers are on a roll and just beat the shit out of the Texas Rangers (check out my blog from yesterday), the Red Wings are primed to add another piece of the future on Friday, oh yea and Steve Yzerman is the smartest guy in hockey. The Lions have pretty much no expectation but at least I don't want to strangle our head coach with a donut anymore, and the Pistons have all but said that Cade Cunningham will be headlining the squad this winter. Things are good. I know I've written a similar style blog to this before, the whole "the dark days are behind us" type deal, but what the hell do you want from me? Last night was a beautiful night for Detroit, Cade is being showered with love at the Tigers game, and all the while the Tigs are sneaking into a wildcard race with nothing but young studs on the way. The Pistons have the young core and are doing nothing but adding a game breaker in Cade to that group, the Wings have young guns on the way and are about to add another, it is a great fucking time. I just feel good about Detroit sports and that is not something that has happened really at all in the last 5, 6, maybe 7 years? Like how many days have you woken up and felt good about just one of the teams let alone three of them? On the day AJ Hinch was hired? Yzerman being hired? Weaver? And all those are a direct result of being complete dog shit, all those days came when the path to relevance was still long and dark. I'm excited today not because something happened that might make things better 3 years from now, but because right here right now things ARE better, and they're only improving. It's gonna be so sick when the Tigers, Pistons, and Wings all win it all in the same year. God we deserve that.

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