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Casey Mize is the God's Honest Truth

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I'm about as hungover as anyone coming off what will now be known as Casey Mize day (8/19/2020). For the first time in the last 3 or 4 years a Detroit team not named the Lions played a meaningful game and man oh man was it refreshing. I legitimately can't remember the last time I have been genuinely pumped up to sit down for 3 hours and lock into a Tigers game, but I was yesterday. It's like if as a child someone told you Santa wasn't real and then 3 years later you got Men in Black-style memory washed and celebrated a Christmas. Just a brand new energy and invigorating feeling that I almost had forgotten what it felt like. 

That being said, Tigers lost obviously. but who gives a fuck that isn't what this is about. Even though he gave up 3 runs, Mize showed that he is the real deal Holyfield and thank god he did after that Skubal start. Again, I've said it a billion times the White Sox are the Monstars of baseball right now, but even for that I thought Mize impressed. If you missed the game here is the 1 takeaway that every Tigers fan should have, Casey Mize's splitter is going to be a league wide known pitch that we see for the next 10 years. From the first inning strikeout he had on Moncada with it, you just knew it was going to be a lethal pitch. It is the filthiest thing I have ever seen. Like eating a shit sandwich. Once he gets consistent control and consistent 18 inch break on it, at 90 mph it will become one of the unhittable pitches in the game. Go watch a Casey Mize and then watch a Max Scherzer changeup, same exact pitch and one of them is 90 miles an hour..... 

This isn't gonna fix all of the problems with Detroit sports or even the Tigs right away, but it is a damn good feeling to know it looks like we hit with our ace in the hole. Detroit needed that.

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