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Finally, the time has come, the Prince that was promised has arrived. It has been a long, cold night since the Detroit Tigers have had anything near this level excitement for something that was going to physically take place on a baseball field and I couldn't be happier. Last night things obviously did not go as hoped for our other young bull Tarik Skubal but ya know what, shit happens. First start, against the fucking Monstars of baseball and he got a little banged up, shit happens! And I gotta say, watching that game I'm not sure how much of the Sox's success was predicated on Skubal throwing bad pitches versus pitch sequencing/tipping pitches. In that 2nd inning where they did most of their damage there were a few separate occasions where the Sox hitter looked like he knew what was coming which for any baseball novices out there would be classified as: less than ideal. So whether it was Romine calling pitches or Gardy, they made it about as complicated as a game of connect 4, tough scene.


Positivity time. Mize debut szn. No no szn. New age Satchel Paige. Tigers 162-0 in 2021. World Series champs. I cannot wait. It's wild how this is actually the first time I have felt optimistic about the Tigers not only winning a game, but about the team going forward. This dude is literally Daenerys and her 3 dragons picking up the dream team that went north of the wall to capture a white walker. He is here to save the day. The only thing wrong with that analogy is that nobody and nothing about the current Tigers holds a flicker of a flame to that squad from Thrones. Fuck a candle, they don't hold flint and steel, pre-flame, to the likes of Jon Snow, Tormund, The Hound, Jorah Mormont etc. Its fucking sad, but either way our savior has finally descended from the clouds to save us from a miserable death. Maybe after all that squad just represents the fans and that's who Mize is saving, the rest of the Tigers organization is more apt to be that one extra who gets mauled by the white walker bear on their way up there... that seems more accurate. 

Positive Vibes Only tonight, Casey Mize bring us to the promised land. Good or bad tonight I am riding with #MizeTime and I cannot wait to see what this kid can do. Eat Em Up.


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