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I would have blogged this sooner but I was about 8 coronas and counting deep when the news of Mel Tucker grabbing his first ever 4 star happened. WE ARE SO FUCKING BACK. For the first time in over 2 years I want to say, MSU football has gotten the commitment of a 4 star football player. Thank fucking god. The fact that it has been that long in general honestly doesn't make any sense. That's some Purdue bullshit, some Rutgers stuff. 

Geno VandeMark a 4 start offensive lineman from the Garden State said fuck it lets roll and has kicked off Mel Tucker's recruiting crusade that is sure to ensue after this first domino. The scuttlebutt on the street is that VandeMark's 4 star running back teammate is also on the verge of committing to MSU as well. It was a slow ass start but finally we are here, we are starting to see the fruits of Mel's labor. And I can assure you this is no where near the last of it. To quote the great Mark Dantonio, "its not over, it'll never be over, its just starting". We brought in Tucker to recruit his ass off, to make Michigan State what it should be on a national scale and FINALLY we have started our ascent. 

Now I either had a blog or a podcast where I addressed the impatient fools that were already cooling on Tucker because "hE hAdNt GoTtEn A fOuR sTaR yEt" shut your clown ass up! I said then, wait on Mel Tucker, he is going to build it and they are going to come, it is damn near impossible for this dude to get elite guys to commit to a place that they aren't even allowed to visit. Of course, VandeMark visited last weekend, committed this weekend and so did his running back teammate Audric Estime (absolute tank if you are bored this week watch some highlights). AND 2022 4 star wide receiver Antonio Gates Jr., son of Antonio Gates you may have heard of him, is committing at the beginning of October and all signs point to East Lansing. It is a good time to be a Mel Tucker truther and I consider myself the leader of the fan club. No football this year? No problem. We were gonna stink, and now Mel can keep selling hope instead of selling why a 2-8 season doesn't define us. He is going to recruit his balls off, and things are only going to keep getting better and more big time. I can't even imagine how nervous people in Ann Arbor are getting at the thought of us having a recruiting powerhouse of a coach. Go Green.

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