Crack For Everybody

Much like a crack head searching in the dark for that next hit, or a feral dog chasing and FINALLY catching his own tail, NFL fans everywhere can finally rejoice... it's back. I know I said this in one of my previous blogs but my god, I legitimately never thought this day would come, I thought the way things were going this year, and the way things seem to just go in my day to day life, there would be no way the heavens above would afford me the privilege to watch NFL football this year. But, HERE WE FUCKING YARRRRRRR. Honest question though, who do you think feels more satisfaction, a coke addict relapsing after 2 hours in the coat check room of his local church's banquet hall, or a starved NFL fan who hasn't been able to sniff the sweet nectar of the gridiron since February? Has to be the football fan. As the ever so eloquent LeBron James would say: "We built different". 

I mean shit, the Lions don't play for another 3 days and I'm still so pumped that I'm having faint memories of what it was like to feel happiness. What a time. Kidding about the happiness thing but this does make me feel like a warm bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal. Not only is the league back today but the game they decided to kick it off with could not be any better even if it wanted to. Texans and Chiefs? SHEEEEEEEEEEEESH, kudos and a half to the NFL for making sure the total score of the first game this year would be 130, take the over. Mahomes and Watson too, maybe the most electric players in the entire league just to get us right on this beautiful Thursday! Although, if everything goes how it should, this game somehow ends like 10-3 or some shit like that. 

Either way, football is back, I fucking love it. We made it people, sit back, crack a few stone cold Oberon's and enjoy the beautiful game. And never forget, this is the Detroit Lions year #OnePride.

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