Dez Bryant Tests Positive For Covid-19, Ravens-Cowboys Play Anyway

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Before anyone gets all fired up one way or another I would like to be known that I am in fact happy this game is being played, solely based on the fact that I have money on the Baltimore Ravens and it's the definition of free money. That said, I'd also like to add that I am writing this shortly after a completely moronic Lamar Jackson INT. Lamar, what the fuck man? Its 3rd and 6 and you're gonna throw it to a dude for 3 yards, AND he's covered, AND you're gonna throw it off his one hand.... Come on man! It's free money, throw me a god damn bone here.

But the headline is what I'm here to talk about. Literally 15 minutes before game in between all the Fox Pregame guys making shitty jokes, Jay Glazer just chimes in saying that Dez Bryant has just been pulled from from pregame warm ups due to a positive covid test....... uhhhhhh whatsup bro? And that was pretty much how the pregame guys reacted, they all kind of looked around like the Travolta in Pulp Fiction meme just like, "soooo what the fuck do we do now, there's no way they ACTUALLY play this game right?" And yea, how the fuck are they playing this game? This dude was touching footballs, sitting on the bench, handing out dap ups like he was one of Santa's Elves. You're telling me this dude tested positive ten minutes before game time and we are playing anyway? How the shit does that make any sense. Just look at this shit.

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