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Pistons-Knicks is 3 Days Away And I Can't Decide What To Be Most Excited About

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It is damn near that time of year folks. Cue the Going To Work Pistons steam whistle noise. If you don't know what I'm talking about then A) What the fuck is your deal? and B) get a load of this iconic video that puts that bad boy on full display. Video so good I'm gonna give it a watch to get the blood flowing a bit before I put it in here, like rocket fuel in a horse drawn carriage. Electricity.

Let's fucking go! Are you shittin' me??? Can you imagine an intro half that exciting going down today? Also Mason is the absolute goat, miss me with that Sirens Chicago Bulls soft stuff, the Final Countdown Pistons >>>> good god I'm juiced. Put me in the red, white, and blue and give me an intro like that and I guarantee I'm getting at least 20 on anyone. 

But it is a new year which means none of the past matters. We've never been a perennial 8-11 seed contender, we've never sacrificed the future in order to sell 20 more tickets a night, we never took Luke Kennard over Spida Mitchell. None of that shit matters anymore, we got a new GM, some new players, it's a clean slate and you know what? I don't wanna hear any other way. Just give me like 2-3 weeks and then once we're 2-13 or some shit then we can go back to bagging on the Stones. But for now, we dance. 

The only issue I'm having is I cant decide what to be most excited for this year. Blake's inevitable resurgence and most likely winning of Comeback Player of the year (or MVP)? 

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