Don't Let The World Series Starting Today Distract You From The Fact That Spencer Torkelson Hit a Piss Rocket Last Night

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Detroit Tigers fans, the future is now. Last night in a single A game in Lakeland our newly added first overall pick, Spencer Torkelson, absolutely shit on a ball and planted it in the cheap seats in left. Dude is gonna be a fucking stud, only a matter of time before he's peppering the bullpens at Comerica.




I know the World Series starts today but I just want to make sure that this isn't being overlooked in the baseball world. Rays? Eh. Dodgers? Who cares. All baseball fans across the country give two shits about it whether or not Detroit Tigers prospects are raking and I'm here to tell you that they absolutely are. Did you hear the sound that thing made off the bat? Sounded like a damn gunshot, I fucking loved it. Literal sex in the ears. Times have been tough in Detroit the past few years but things are looking up folks. We got a taste of some of the young arms in Mize, and Skubal this year, and our bats in Riley Greene and Tork are not far behind. This dude has everything it takes to become a superstar. Hits dingers, probably fucks ass (chicks dig the long ball), broke Barry Bonds' ASU records, and his nick name is already just waiting to take twitter by storm, Tork? its perfect... my god I am jonesing for this dude to be a Tiger already... soon enough Tigs fans, soon enough. 

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