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The Barstool Chicago Guys Are Exactly Why I Believe The Market For a Barstool Detroit Exists

Barstool Chicago Chief Detroit

First off I need to say, if you don't follow the Barstool Chicago guys and Red Line Radio, you absolutely have to. Chicago fan or not, if you're a Barstool fan and into the whole sports comedy radio vibe that they have, then Barstool Chicago is for you. It's four guys that each have their team in the city, and while they come together for some things like the Bears, they couldn't disagree more on most others. Whether it's sports takes or life takes the likes of Chief, Carl, Eddie, and White Sox Dave are constantly putting out entertaining stuff on a wide range of subject matter, and that's exactly why I believe that same space exists here in Detroit. 

The reason I'm so drawn to this idea is because of the exact fucking thing that has happened in the Chicago office the last two days. The exact things that Barstool Chief has talked about the last two days. The ability for them to flex their comedic muscles talking about god knows what, and then show up the next day wearing a totally different hat and breaking down Chicago sports. Allow me to fill you in on what's gone down for them the last few days, and while they all are awesome and have had their moments in the sun, Chief is the subject of this blog. So two days ago, on Tuesday Chief went on The Dog Walk, which is a daily podcast hosted by Eddie where he talks about random ass topics every day, again, the ability to flex his comedic muscle and bringing random thoughts to the forefront and do a daily podcast on (very similar idea to what I like to do on my stuff when I'm not talking sports). Tuesdays episode focused on sugar and how bad it is for you and how we as the American public still don't seem to understand how fucked up it is. It's actually eye opening to the fact of how these massive sugar companies, Coca Cola, Candy companies etc prop up lobbyists that fight against nutritional awareness, fucked up stuff. But anyway, Chief was the guest on Tuesday and they discusses the poison that is sugar:

 Again, guys just shooting the absolute shit. If there's something shitter than shit, that's what they were shooting. Imagine getting paid to breakdown sugar consumption and make some jokes along the way. But here's the kicker: on Wednesday Chief had a major major change of tempo as far as the content going on. On Wednesday Chief was faced with an interview from a guy that he isn't necessarily the biggest fan of. From Tuesday sugar, to Wednesday Stan Bowman, GM of the Chicago Blackhawks, he went from talking about nothing to interviewing the GM of his favorite Chicago sports team. NOT ONLY THAT, but Chief like I said isn't a huge fan of Stan, for quite some time now via twitter, via radio waves, via podcasts he continually has piled on Stan and has disagreed with his approach of rebuilding the Hawks. But THAT is the fucking beauty in it right there, he was still given the opportunity to be the voice of the fan and ask Stan Bowman questions from the fan's perspective. Now, the interview doesn't drop until tomorrow but from a few clips on the Red Line Radio twitter page it seems like Chief turned up the heat which you love to see. 

That is the precise reason I am so jazzed up about the idea of potentially being this guy in Detroit. I mean, even if it isn't me, how the fuck has this not happened yet. I know Detroit isn't Chicago, I know it isn't New York, but shit, it's Detroit, it's the state of Michigan. We got 4 major sports teams, we have two MASSIVE athletic universities which neither of the aforementioned places have, Detroit at its core is a sports city, we NEED to have our version of this. It drives me fucking crazy just as a consumer of the comedic sports media that all these other cities have their specific guys and organizations and for some reason there is just nobody other than like Evan Fox on the Pat McAfee show that has any Detroit ties and is in that vein of media. It absolutely drives me crazy. Let me in the room with Matt Patricia for 20 minutes, let me grill that fucking rocket scientist, talk about Lions Den, that would be the entire damn jungle. Let me ask Al Avila why he is the way that he is, why he seems to have a vested interest in running the organization into the ground. We deserve that. Like I said, I know we aren't a Chicago, LA, or NY but after those big three Detroit as a sports market has to be hanging around. Maybe Houston and Dallas, and then.... who? Atlanta maybe? We HAVE to be right there. Especially when things are going good, this city takes it to another fucking level. God damn, seeing the Chicago boys do that is awesome for them and inspires me so much, it's so validating to the idea of what I want to build in Detroit and what they've built in Chicago. 

Congrats to Chief and the Chicago boys on a long time showdown coming to fruition and I hope to someday be carrying out those same crusades here in the Motor City. 

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